Class Attendance Policy

Class Attendance Policy (revised Spring 2003)

The University supports departmental and faculty class attendance policies that are reflective of and consistent with University approved guidelines. Faculty will include their class attendance policy in their syllabi given to all students in their classes at the start of the semester.

University Approved Guidelines:

  1. Students are expected to attend all classes. It is the student's responsibility to complete all course requirements even if a class is missed. If a student misses class for an officially excused reason, then he/she is entitled to make up the missed work but only at the convenience of the faculty member. Responsibility for materials presented in, assignments made for, and tests/quizzes given in regularly scheduled classes lies solely with the student.
  2. The University policy is that faculty will excuse absences for the following reasons:
    1. personal illness
    2. death or critical illness in the family
    3. participation in a university-sponsored activity
    4. jury duty
    5. military duties
    6. religious holidays
  3. Faculty judge the validity of student absences from class within the University's approved guidelines and may require documentation for excused absences. Faculty will evaluate any reason, other than those listed above, for a student missing class and determine whether the absence is justified. In these circumstances, a student may make up missed work at the discretion of the instructor.
  4. In the case of foreseeable absences, students are encouraged to notify the faculty member in advance. A student who will miss class due to participation in an official University activity must notify the instructor well in advance of the activity to assure that the absence is excused.