Registration Guide

A Comprehensive Registration Guide is Here!

Many separate pieces of registration information that were previously a part of the Registrar’s Office website have been consolidated into a single registration guide.  This guide will be updated every November for Winter/Spring registration and again in April for Summer/Fall registration.  The goal is to provide one document in one location that all students (both new and current) can turn to for term-specific registration information.

The guide is in PDF format and can be either printed for your convenience or referenced offline as a saved file on your desktop for a greener option.  Simply clicking the corresponding page number will take you directly to the information.  Examples of featured information include:

  • the registration appointment schedule (formerly, "When do I register?")
  • step-by-step instructions on how to register & waitlist using MAX
  • special registration procedures (i.e. auditing a course, taking a course pass/fail, etc)
  • a course schedule planning grid
  • a listing of academic department chairmen
  • a calendar of important dates & deadlines 
  • registration tips & pointers
  • and much more!

NOTE: Students are responsible for their own registration.  It is therefore essential to be familiar with the announcements, deadlines, and regulations of the University printed in this registration guide as well as in the general catalog.  Since the registration guide is subject to revision, please check it periodically for changes.

The Registration Guide

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