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Registration begins Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018.

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Find the time you can start registering along with other important information.

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Try schedule builder in addition to reviewing the 4 quick steps below.
Schedule builder is a web-based tool that will help you easily plan your class schedule. 

  • Step 1: Find Your Advisor

    Unsure who your advisor is. It is very simple to find out.

    • Go to the the Logins Page
    • Click on Max and login with your credentials
    • Click on Student Services tab
    • Click on Advisement
    • Click on Advisors
    • Scroll down until you see 'Adviser Information For'.

    This will allow you to see your current major, advisor and advisor email address.

  • Step 2: Meet & Plan

    Watch the video below to hear how advisors help you throughout your time here at Millersville University.

  • Step 3: Review Holds

    It is important to review holds or bills in your account because they will prevent you from being able to register.

    • Login to your Max account
    • Click Student Services tab
    • Click Student Accounts
    • Click View Holds

    Another way to find out if you have any holds is to call the Registrar's office at 717-871-5005.

  • Step 4: Register
    • Login into Max
    • Click Student Services tab
    • Click Registration
    • Click Add/Drop Classes
    • Using the dropdown, select the term you are trying to register for
    • You will now be prompt to enter your ‘tap’ number (a tap number will be provided by your advisor). Tap numbers are only required for Fall and Spring semester.
    • Click submit
    • You should now see the Add Classes Worksheet. To add a class to your worksheet click Class Search. If you already know the CRN number, simply enter the number in the box.
    • You should now see a list of the various subjects.
    • Click on the subject you want to add
    • Click ‘course search’
    • Find the title you want to view and click ‘view sections’. This will show you the meeting time and dates for the class.
    • Select the ideal meeting time and date
    • Click the ‘register’ button.
    The next screen will show you if you have been added to the class, added to the waitlist or if you have any restrictions.

    To add more than one class, simply repeat this process.

  • Contact Information

    Registrar's Office

    Millersville University
    P.O. Box 1002
    Millersville, PA 17551


    Phone: 717-871-5005  

    Fax: 717-871-7894

    Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8am to 5pm
    The University and the Registrar's Office are CLOSED December 25-January 1.
    Happy Holidays!