Grade Report Requests

Grade Report Requests

Millersville University does not mail paper copies of grade reports. Grades for all terms are available via MAX web.

If you require a paper grade report on a university form for reasons such as employer reimbursement or scholarship applications, you may print one from the web, or you may request one as outlined in the guidelines below. Please note that a paper copy of your grades for the term you requested will be sent to you at your mailing address. There is no charge for grade reports.


  • Grade reports are NOT available until after the conclusion of the term.
  • Grade reports will be mailed to your permanent mailing address.
  • Use MAX web to verify that we have your most current address.
  • Grade report requests received by 5 p.m. on Tuesday will be included in processing for the current week.
  • Requests are processed once a week on Wednesdays

The success of receiving your grade report depends upon your careful data entry!
If you provide an erroneous student identification number, your entry will NOT be processed.

Grade Report Request

Grade Report Request Form