Policy For Handling Students Called to Active Duty

Students Who Are Called to Active Duty

Millersville University will make every effort to assist students who are called to active military duty. When a student is notified of military duty, he or she should contact the Registrar's Office immediately in person, by email or by phone 717-871-5005. The Registrar's Office will coordinate procedures for arranging a leave of absence, receiving refunds, and returning to the University upon completion of the military assignment. The Registrar's Office will also notify the student's instructors, the Office of Student Accounts, Financial Aid and Housing of the student's status. Students must provide a copy of their military orders in order to request a leave of absence for military reasons.

Please note that the policy applies to all undergraduate and graduate Millersville students, including both degree seeking and non-degree students. Additional details about registration and financial procedures are available on the Registrar's Office website.


Faculty Procedures

  1. Faculty are to instruct students to go to the Registrar's Office to receive information about taking a leave of absence for military duty and refunds.
  2. Faculty are to work with students to complete missed work when possible.
  3. If a course has been sufficiently completed when the student is called to active duty, and if the student chooses not to withdraw from the University, the faculty will award a final grade or an incomplete grade for the course based on the work completed to date. The deadline for Incompletes will be suspended indefinitely for students on a military leave of absence.

Student Procedures

  1. Students who are called to active military duty must contact the Registrar's Office for assistance with arranging a leave of absence and their subsequent return to the University.
  2. A copy of the student's military orders must be presented to the registrar.
  3. Students who expect to return to class within the current semester to complete their course work, or who are called to duty after completing a significant part of the course requirements, should contact their faculty regarding missed work.
  4. Students who cannot complete the current semester will be granted a leave of absence for military duty and will be allowed to return for the next semester without penalty.

Registrar Procedures

  1. The Registrar's Office will keep a list of students who officially notify the registrar that they are being called to active duty. Students must present a copy of their military orders for verification.
  2. The Registrar's Office will notify students' instructors that they will be absent from class indefinitely due to military duty.
  3. The Registrar's Office will notify other administrative offices, including Financial Aid, Office of Student Accounts, and Housing, of the student's status.
  4. If the extent of the military leave is so long that a student finds it impossible to make up missed class work, the registrar will process a leave of absence for the entire semester. This would allow the student to return the next semester without penalty.
  5. Students who take a leave of absence for military duty will be given an opportunity to participate in early registration for the next term, or receive special scheduling assistance from the registrar when they return.
  6. The deadline for Incompletes will be suspended indefinitely for students on a military leave of absence.

Financial Information

  1. Student Reservists and National Guard members who are called to active duty and choose to withdraw will receive a 100% refund of tuition per SSHE BOG policy 1983-19-A as amended 10/18/1990 to accommodate Desert Storm reservists. Students who choose to complete some courses and not others will receive a partial refund for the portion of their schedule that cannot be made up.
  2. The General Fee will be refunded in accordance with the same policy as tuition.
  3. Room and board payments will be refunded if the student chooses not to complete his/her course work. If the student chooses to complete the course work, and is required to leave campus, room and board payments will be refunded on a prorated basis.
  4. Financial Aid adjustments will be handled on an individual basis. However, student aid recipients who withdraw from school because they are called to active duty, or are otherwise affected by mobilization or terrorist attacks, will not be required to return grant funds they received for books and living expenses. The U.S. Department of Education has directed lenders and colleges and universities to provide relief from student loan obligations by postponing student loan payments for borrowers during the period of the borrower's active duty service.
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