Student Refunds

Refund Overview

Millersville University automatically reviews accounts and processes refunds for eligible students. The process begins the second week of the semester, after the drop/add period. A student may be eligible to receive a refund if their account has been overpaid. This can occur if the amount of financial aid or other funding received exceeds your cost. Once your account has been fully resolved and reviewed by the necessary offices, any excess funds are refunded.

Refunds are issued based on the last payment method received on your account which resulted in the overpayment. If your account was paid by credit card, a refund will be issued to your credit card. If your account was paid by an outside scholarship, we may be required to return the funds to the scholarship donor. Accounts funded by a donor or contract payment must be received before we can process your refund. Anticipated funds will not be refunded until the actual payment is received. Changes in your registration status may delay financial aid awarding and the refund process.