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Register your account with Nelnet Campus Commerce (NCC) online at Enter your Millersville email address at "Already have an account?" and click on Reset Password to finalize registration and enroll in direct deposit. Once a refund has been processed, excess funds will be directly deposited into your Checking or Savings account.  Please note - If you do not use direct deposit, the refund will be processed via paper check within 14 days. Don't delay... sign up for Direct Deposit today!  

Refund Policy for Fall/Spring

Students who reduce their credit hour load after the end of the drop/add period so as to qualify for billing as part-time students shall not be eligible for a refund of the amount billed which exceeds the part-time rate.  After the drop/add period, refunds for tuition and general fee shall be made only for full semester withdrawals.

After the end of the drop/add period, there will be no partial refunds for fulltime students who reduce their credit hour load below fulltime status, or for part-time students who reduce their credit load. After the drop/add period, refunds of tuition and the general fee will only be made for students who officially withdraw from the university or, in the case of eligible undergraduates, take an official leave of absence.

The technology fee is non-refundable after the drop/add period and the refund of tuition and general fee will be based on the following schedule for the fall and spring semester. Students:  please note that dropping or withdrawing from a course after the first week of class will NOT result in a refund.

Percent of Refund


(applies to full or partial withdrawal from classes)

Effective Dates for Fall 2019


 Through drop period, first week of class

Monday, Aug 26 thru Tuesday, Sept 3 


Percent of Refund


(applies only to complete withdrawal from all classes

Effective Dates for Fall 2019 


 Through week 2

Wednesday, Sept 4 thru Friday, Sept 6


 Through week 3

Monday, Sept 9 thru Friday, Sept 13


 Through week 4

Monday, Sept 16 thru Friday, Sept 20


 Through week 5

Monday, Sept 23 thru Friday, Sept 27


 Week 6 through end of semester

Monday, Sept 30 thru end of semester                    


If you expect a refund please contact us by email,

Student refunds are issued through Nelnet Campus Commerce (NCC).  Click here to register your account for direct deposit or to verify your address for paper check delivery.

Students who register are responsible to drop any class they do not plan to attend. Failure to drop the class before the semester begins may result in charges and/or grades being posted to your records. Do not rely on the "drop for non-payment" policy to remove these classes. There is no automatic drop for non-attendance. Also see:


Housing Refund Policy

Housing charges will only be refunded for students who completely withdraw from the University and properly check out of the residence hall. The housing refund effective date will correspond with the date the student officially checks out of the residence hall. The student must coordinate the official checkout with their respective Residential Area Director (RAD). Please refer to the Living On Campus Guide under “Section IX: Residence Hall” for more information.

 Effective Dates for Fall 2019

Percent of Refund

August 24 thru August 30, 2019


August 31 thru September 6, 2019


September 7 thru September 13, 2019


September 14 thru September 20, 2019


September 21 thru September 27, 2019


September 28 thru December 15, 2019