Meet SAM! (Student Account Manager)

Beginning in April 2022, billing and payment information is accessed through SAM, the new Student Account Manager. To login:


  •; OR
  • myVILLE > Finances > Student Account Manager (SAM); OR
  • MAX > Student Services > Student Accounts > Student Account Manager (SAM)
Authorized Third Parties:

NEW Third Party Authorization

  • For any parent or other third party to access your billing information and make payments on your account, they must be authorized.
  • Simply log into SAM, look under the My Profile Setup section, and click on Authorized Users. Choose to Add Authorized User and enter the email of anyone you would like to have access to your account. An email will be sent, inviting them to set up their authorized user profile.
  • If you are a returning student and had previously completed an online authorization, you must complete the authorization process through SAM for anyone else to be able to have online access.
  • The Office of Student Accounts will still speak to any previously authorized third party about your billing information but new SAM access is required in order for them to view details, make/schedule payments, or set up payment plans.
  • Balances

    SAM will display your overall account balance; click on either "Balance" or "View Activity" to view a breakdown by term. Clicking on a specific term will expand out the detail of charges and payments. Pending financial aid and future installments of payment plans are calculated into these amounts. Outside scholarships cannot be taken into account until payment is received by the Office of Student Accounts and posted to the account.

  • Payments

    All previously accepted payment types are available as outlined on our Payment Information page. Items of interest:

    • Future scheduled payments: You can choose to schedule one or more payments on future dates
    • Saved payment method(s): You can save one or more payment methods; saved checking or savings accounts can also be chosen for direct depost refunds with a single click
    • Payments made to a specific term will be posted to that term; payments made to the Current Balance will be posted first to the oldest term that carries a balance
  • On-Demand Statements

    Students and authorized third parties can now run up-to-the minute statements for any current or past term.

    • Under My Account, click Statements.
    • Any previously generated statements will be displayed for your reference. To run a new statement click on the button for On-Demand Statement within the blue banner.
    • From the pop-up drop down box, choose the term you'd like your statement to display and Submit.
    • A statement for your chosen term will pop up. At the bottom right corner are options to Close or Print. The Print button will allow you choose an available printer or save the statement by choosing Print to PDF.
  • Payment Plans
    • Payment plans will now be available beginning the day bills are generated for fall and spring semesters.
    • Fall 2022 payment plans become available on July 15 and the last day to enroll is September 15.
    • 3-7 installments will be offered on a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly basis.
    • More details will be available in the Installment Payment Plan section of our Payment Information page or by visiting the Payment Plans section of SAM.
  • Refunds
    • Student refunds are still available via direct deposit or paper check mailed to the mailing address on file.
    • We recommend you sign up for direct deposit to receive your refund in your bank account within a week of it being issued by the Office of Student Accounts. If you have a checking or savings account set as a saved payment method in SAM, it's as easy as clicking the button to select it as the account into which your refund is deposited.
    • If you do not take any action in your refunding preference you will receive a paper check, which can take up to two weeks to arrive.
    • Parent PLUS refund checks that do not go to the student are always mailed as paper checks from Millersville to the borrower's address on the loan application. Parent PLUS refund checks are mailed once a week and can take up to three weeks to arrive after the date they are issued on the student account.