Meet SAM! (Student Account Manager)

Beginning in April 2022, billing and payment information is accessed through SAM, the new Student Account Manager. To login:


  •; OR
  • myVILLE > Finances > Student Account Manager (SAM); OR
  • MAX > Student Services > Student Accounts > Student Account Manager (SAM)
Authorized Third Parties:

Third Party Authorization

  • For any parent or other third party to access your billing information and make payments on your account, they must be authorized.
  • Simply log into SAM, look under the My Profile Setup section, and click on Authorized Users. Choose to Add Authorized User and enter the email of anyone you would like to have access to your account. An email will be sent, inviting them to set up their authorized user profile.
  • If you are a returning student and had previously completed an online authorization, you must complete the authorization process through SAM for anyone else to be able to have online access.
  • The Office of Student Accounts will still speak to any previously authorized third party about your billing information but new SAM access is required in order for them to view details, make/schedule payments, or set up payment plans.