Federal Perkins Loans

Exit Counseling

Exit CounselingThe Federal government requires that all Perkins Loan borrowers who graduate or drop below half-time enrollment (6 credits per semester) complete an exit counseling session.  The session is designed to provide borrowers with important information regarding their rights and responsibilities as well as repayment information. 

You can complete your exit interview online and electronically sign all necessary documentation.  When you have entered the required information and it has been accepted, you will get a confirmation page with a confirmation number.  You should print this page for your records.  At that point, you have successfully completed the session and your information has been sent to the Office of Student Accounts at Millersville University.  The Loan Interview and Disclosure will be stored on Heartland ECSI’s server so you may view these documents at any time at

Heartland ECSI provides this exit counseling session at  It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.  You will need to go through a lengthy registration process if it is your first time accessing this website.  Once you are logged on, your account will have to be “connected” in order to complete the exit interview.  This is accomplished by:

-Clicking on the box on the landing page that says, “Connect an Account”

-Click “Search for Heartland Key”

-Enter School Code – 003325

-Click “Connect” to move to next screen

If you receive an error message or require technical support during this process, please contact Heartland ECSI directly at 888-549-3274.

If you have any questions regarding you Perkins loan, please contact the Office of Student Accounts at 717-871-5101 or