Winter / Summer Tuition Costs

Winter / Summer 2019

Total Cost Per Credit

PA Resident Undergraduate $368.75
Non-Resident Undergraduate $864.75
PA Resident Graduate $582.50
Non-Resident Graduate $852.50



  • $319.00 - PA Resident Undergraduate Tuition per credit
  • $805.00 - Non-Resident Undergraduate Tuition per credit
  • $516.00 - PA Resident Graduate Tuition per credit
  • $774.00 - Non-Resident Graduate Tuition per credit

General Fee (required fee)*

  • $29.75 Undergraduate per credit
  • $38.50 Graduate per credit

Tuition Technology Fee (required fee)*

  • $20.00 PA Resident Undergraduate per credit
  • $30.00 Non-Resident Undergraduate per credit
  • $28.00 PA Resident Graduate per credit
  • $40.00 Non-Resident Graduate per credit

Summer Housing

  • Cost - $648.00 four week session - Summer I Only (Meal plans are not available)
  • Cost - $810.00 five week session - Summer II and Summer III Only

Meals plan options are available for Summer II and Summer III only

Summer II & III 2018 Meals
90 Block Plan (5 week session) $860.00
60 Block Plan (5 week session) $590.00
45 Block Plan (5 week session) $455.00
Summer II & III 2018 Room & Meals
Room plus 90 Block Plan (5 week session)  $1,670.00

Summer Institute Fees

The Summer Institute course fee is $165.00.  See the link below for more information concerning the fee:

Learn more

All fees are subject to change.

*The General Fee is a mandatory fee used to support a variety of ongoing student services and activities such as student government, student organizations, health services and wellness programs, Student Center debt service, expansion, capital replacement and maintenance. The fee is charged to all students (full-time and part-time, residential and commuting/off-campus) during all University sessions (including first summer session, second summer session, third summer session, and winter session) and at all course locations (including University Center in Harrisburg and other off-campus sites).

*The Technology Fee is a mandatory fee collected to support instructional technology.