Private/Alternative Education Loans

Private/Alternative Loans

The Office of Financial Aid strongly recommends that all eligible undergraduate and graduate students complete the FAFSA prior to applying for a private educational loan to ensure a student receives all federal and state assistance for which they qualify prior to completing a private educational loan application.

Once you determine what aid you are eligible to receive in federal and state aid, you can consider other options for educational financing to assist you in meeting college costs. As a family, you should weigh the options between a Federal Direct PLUS Loan (parents of a dependent undergraduate student or graduate/master's degree students only), Private/Alternative Parent Loans (any credit-worthy person who is not the student wishing to gift the cost of education on their behalf) and a Private/Alternative Student Loan (student & credit-worthy co-signer).  To view a side-by-side comparison of the additional loan types, click the link below!