Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Office of Student Accounts (OSA)?

    The Office of Student Accounts (OSA) processes all student and non-student accounts for the university. The office emails bills, collects payments, and applies financial aid. Refund checks are also issued from the office. All billing questions should be addressed to the Office of Student Accounts (OSA).

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  • How do I contact the Office of Student Accounts (OSA)?
    • By email:
    • By phone: (717) 871-5101
    • By fax: (717) 871-7970
    • By mail: Millersville University Office of Student Accounts, PO Box 1002, Millersville, PA 17551


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  • Does Millersville University send paper bills?

    No. Millersville University uses electronic billing (E-Bills). As soon as E-Bills are ready, an email notification will be sent to your email address. Authorized Third Party users will receive email notification at the email address provided. If you have a smart phone, sign up for MU Alert to be notified via text message.

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  • How do I find my bill online?

    Students login to SAM at and your account balance will be displayed on the landing page. Term statements are available in the middle of the page. If one has not been issued or you would like an updated version of your bill, click on On-Demand Statement. 

    You can check term balances by clicking on View Activity, and clicking on any term that is displayed.

    Authorized third parties log into the Payment Portal at and follow the same steps as students, outlined above.

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  • Changes have been made to my account since the original bill. Where can I see my new total?


    Authorized third parties:

    To generate a document capturing the current charges and payments for a term, click on the On-Demand Statement button located in the middle of the landing page.

    The current account balance will always be displayed on the main landing page. Further details can be accessed by clicking on View Activity and then choosing the term you would like to view.

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  • What is the due date of my bill?

    Due dates are displayed on your current billing statement. In addition, due dates for general billing are available on the Office of Student Accounts (OSA) web page under Important Dates.

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  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    Please visit the Payment Information section of our website to learn more about payments Learn more

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  • Is financial aid covering my bill?

    E-Bills should be reviewed to determine whether there is a remaining balance due. In some cases, financial aid may cover charges in full. If you have questions regarding your financial aid package, contact the Financial Aid Office at or 717-871-5100.

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  • How do I let you know I am using a TAP/529 plan to pay my bill?

    Send a copy of the request/verification form you submitted to your TAP/529 provider to the Office of Student Accounts (OSA) by the due date of the bill. Be sure to include the amount requested, that it is being sent directly to Millersville, and your student ID number. Email to We will defer the authorized amount until payment is received from your TAP/529 provider.

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  • I received an external scholarship. How can I apply that to my bill?

    If you have documentation that you have been awarded an external scholarship, please email this documentation to for anticipatory credit – please include your student ID number. If you have a check payable to the University, it will need to be forwarded to our office for application to your student account.

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  • Do you offer payment plans?

    Yes! Detailed information and steps to enroll can be found here:

    Payment Plan Information

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  • My account shows a negative balance due. What does that mean?

    A negative account balance means that an overpayment exists on your student account. In most cases, a negative amount will be returned as a refund. If you are enrolled in an installment plan, those payments may need to be reviewed/adjusted. A negative amount caused by a scholarship payment may have to be returned to the scholarship issuer, depending on their instructions.

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  • How do I register for direct deposit or change the mailing address for refund checks?

    Log into SAM and click on the Refunds tab from the top of the page. In the Direct Deposit box, click on "Set up a new account" and enter the requested information. Directly deposited refunds generally arrive within 5 business days, versus up to 21 days before a check is received in the mail.

    Change the address to which a paper check is mailed by logging into your MAX account and updating the Home Mailing Address under Personal Information.

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  • Why did I receive a refund if I still have a balance due to the university?

    Financial Aid awards from the federal government including Stafford loans, PELL grants, and SEOG are classified as Title IV funds. Federal regulations limit how the university can apply Title IV funds. Completing a Title IV Authorization will usually allow the university to pay those charges directly before issuing your refund. Submit the Title IV Authorization for current and prior year charges (up to $200) via your MAX account within the Financial Aid requirements.

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  • How can I use part of my anticipated refund to buy books/supplies before classes begin?

    Log into your Student Account Manager (SAM) at to make sure you have more payments and/or Estimated Financial Aid than what is needed to cover your charges. If you want to purchase books/supplies through the Millersville University Store, contact our office at or 717-871-5101 with your M# and let us know how much you’d like to have available, up to $500. We will transfer the requested funds to your Marauder Gold account. Once this transfer is complete, you will need to log into MAX, click the Bookstore section, and choose Voucher. Enter the amount to move from your Marauder Gold to the Bookstore Voucher and choose an expiration date, at which time any excess funds will revert to your Marauder Gold account. The funds will be available for you to use at the University Store until the expiration date.

    If you want to purchase books/supplies from an outside source, contact the Office of Financial Aid about an Advanced Refund Request ( or 717-871-5100).

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  • I am a commuter. How do I add a meal plan to my bill?

    To add a meal plan online, login to myVILLE (Requires login), select MAX, Student Services, Housing & Dining, click My Dining - Add/Change Meal Plan, select My Dining, choose your Dining Plan, Submit My Dining Plan Selection then close page. After the meal plan has been added, to view your new balance, log into: (students) or (third parties).

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  • I made an initial admissions deposit of $350.00 to attend Millersville University but I only see $150.00 credited on my Fall bill. Why?

    Students living on campus are required to pay a $350.00 non-refundable admissions deposit. $150.00 of that is applied as a tuition deposit which is credited to the Fall bill. The remaining $200.00 is applied as a housing deposit which will be credited to your Spring bill.

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  • I am being charged for housing but do not plan to live on campus - what do I do?

    The Office of Student Accounts staff are not able to adjust auxiliary charges. Requests must be funneled through the individual office. To contact Housing, please call (717) 871-4200 or email Charges will update based on information from these offices only. 

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  • I am being charged an orientation fee - what is that?

    New students are required to attend orientation much in the same way that students are required to attend classes. A one-time fee of $335 for residential students or $264 for commuting students is included in your Fall semester bill to cover the expenses associated with the program. This fee is charged regardless of your attendance. Please contact

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  • What happens if I don’t pay my bill by due date?

    Accounts not resolved by due date are subject to a one-time $100.00 payment extension fee. You may also be prevented from adding or dropping courses, viewing grades, or receiving transcripts. 

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  • I have a hold on my account. What does that mean?

    A hold from the Office of Student Accounts will prevent you from seeing grades and obtaining transcripts. It may also keep you from accessing your schedule to add or drop classes for the current or future semesters. A hold usually indicates that there is an unpaid balance due on the account. As soon as the amount due is paid in full with cash, credit/debit card, money order, or cashier's check, the hold will be removed; past due amounts paid with a paper check will remain on hold for two weeks before being released and amounts paid with an electronic check will remain on hold for one week before being released.

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  • I no longer attend Millersville University. How do I make arrangements to pay my balance?

    We recommend contacting our office to grant permission for your current email address to utilize to make online payments. To notify our office of your intent to pay off the balance over time, please complete the Payment Agreement Form and forward to


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  • Can I view a copy of the Financial Terms & Conditions agreement I accepted?

    Login to SAM and click the My Account header, then choose Consents and Agreements. To view the terms and conditions, click on the Standard School Consents tab.


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