• Residency Requirements

    In order to qualify for Pennsylvania resident tuition, students must meet Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) criteria as summarized below:

    1. Continuous residence in Pennsylvania for 12 months prior to registration.
    2. U.S. citizenship, formal declaration of intent to become a citizen, or admission to the United States on an immigrant visa. A nonimmigrant visa (tourist or student visa) is not proof of intent of residency.
    3. Pennsylvania residency by parent(s) or guardian(s) of students who are minors. The age of majority in Pennsylvania for establishing an independent residence for tuition purposes is 22. A minor may, however, prove financial emancipation and independence through clear and convincing evidence.
    4. A United States government employee or a member of the armed forces who was residing in Pennsylvania immediately prior to entering the government service and who has continuously maintained Pennsylvania as his or her legal residence is considered a Pennsylvania resident. Others in military service stationed in Pennsylvania are considered Pennsylvania residents.
    5. A student receiving a scholarship or grant dependent on residence in a state other than Pennsylvania is not considered a Pennsylvania resident.

    A student who changes his or her residence from Pennsylvania to another state must give prompt written notice to the University. The University may reclassify a student if it believes he or she is no longer a Pennsylvania resident. Students may challenge a residency classification by making written petitions to the Office of Student Accounts (OSA), Lyle Hall.

  • Residency Reclassification Procedure
    1. Student must file a written petition with the Office of Student Accounts (OSA) containing a statement of reasons to support the student's claim of Pennsylvania domicile.
    2. Accompanying the petition shall be any supporting documentation the student may wish to submit. The following factors may be considered evidence of domiciliary intention but may be given weight as the finder of fact, given the circumstances of the case may assign to them:
      • Lease or purchase of a permanent, independent residence within Pennsylvania by the student.
      • Payment of appropriate state and local taxes. Special attention should be given to payment of Pennsylvania taxes on income earned during periods of temporary absence from Pennsylvania.
      • Transfer of bank accounts, stock, auto mobiles, and other registered property to Pennsylvania from another state.
      • Procurement of a Pennsylvania driver's license.
      • Procurement of a Pennsylvania motor vehicle registration.
      • Agreement for permanent, full-time employment in Pennsylvania.
      • Membership in social, civic, political, athletic, and religious organizations located in Pennsylvania.
      • Registration to vote in Pennsylvania.
      • A sworn statement by the student, or his/her parents or guardian in the case of a minor, declaring his/her intention to make Pennsylvania his/her residence either permanently or for an indefinite period of time.
      • A sworn statement from the parents or guardian of a minor setting forth facts to establish the minor's financial independence and separate residence.
    3. A data collection form shall be completed by the student and be notarized. Click here for the data collection form.  A form may also be requested by emailing or by calling the Office of Student Accounts (OSA) at (717) 871-5101.
    4. Petitions, supporting documentation, and data form should be addressed to:

      Office of Student Accounts (OSA)
      Millersville University
      PO Box 1002
      Millersville, PA 17551-0302

      Each case shall be decided on the basis of all facts submitted, with qualitative rather than quantitative emphasis. No given number of factors is required for domicile, since the determination in each case is one of the subjective intention of the student to reside permanently or indefinitely in Pennsylvania.