Winter Refund Policy

Winter Refund Policy

Action Taken

Percent Refund

(Tuition & General Fee)

University cancellation of course 100%
Official drop BEFORE the first day of class 100%
Official drop during add/drop period* (BEFORE the end of the workday following the first class) 100%
Official withdrawal from a class AFTER the end of the workday following the first class 0%

* The drop/add period for Winter Session courses ends at 11:59 PM on the workday following the day of the first class.  Students who register are responsible for dropping any course they do not intend to take.  Failure to drop a class by the deadline may result in charges and/or grades being posted to your records.  The official drop date is the date a course is dropped online.  

Some Winter classes follow a different refund guideline. Further information can be found through the Registrar's Office DROP/ADD & WITHDRAW.

The refund policy is subject to change.