Your Financial Aid Requirements

Checking & Completing your Financial Aid Requirements

The following information gives a detailed look at how to view information related to financial aid by using your MAX account. While you can access some of your financial aid information via the Finances tab of your myVILLE Portal, your MAX account will provide you with detailed information regarding your awards and any outstanding financial aid requirements. To log into your account go to MU Logins.

Navigating your myVILLE Student Portal & MAX Account

Log into MAX. From MAX, select the Financial Aid tab at the top of the screen and use the following steps to view your financial aid information:

My Overall Status of Financial Aid:

  • Select the academic year
  • You can check your Unsatisfied Student Requirements, Outside Resources, Academic Progress Status, and Financial Aid History.

My Eligibility:

  • You can check the Document Requirements or Holds on your account, as well as messages related to each of those requirements. There may be links to forms you can complete online or other forms you can download and return.
  • You can link to view your Academic Transcript.
  • You can check your Academic Progress Status and the history of your Academic Progress.

My Awards:

  • You can view your financial aid awards by academic year.
  • You can view your financial aid award history – it will list all types of financial aid you have received at Millersville University (no history is available prior to the 1999-2000 academic year)
  • You can view your Loan Application History – any loans you have that have been processed through our office.
  • You can view your Semester Bill – a detailed summary of all credits (after they have paid to your account) and charges by semester.

Complete Your Requirements

Every student who receives financial aid will have the required documentation to submit to the Office of Financial Aid. Most requirements can be satisfied online! Here are the requirements you may see listed on your account and instructions on completing them. Please note, that unsatisfied requirement will delay the processing and disbursement of your financial aid.

Authorization to Release Information:

  • Go to the Award by Aid Year page in Max.
  • Select the current academic year from the drop-down and click “Submit.”
  • Under “Unsatisfied Requirements” click on the blue link, “Authorization to Release Information”, to complete the form online.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Go to the Award by Aid Year page in Max.
  • Select the current academic year from the drop-down and click “Submit.”
  • Click on the blue link, “Terms & Conditions”, inside the red box.
  • Review and read “Terms & Conditions.”
  • Click the box at the bottom to “Accept” or “Decline”.

Accept, Decline, or Reduce your Offered Direct Loans:

All borrowers must either “Accept”, “Reduce” or “Decline” the offered Federal Direct Loans on their account. Federal Direct Loans have a fixed interest rate of 4.99% (subject to change July 1, 2023) and are recommended before looking into additional loan options. Note: The Terms and Conditions (above) must be completed before you can do this step.

  • Go to the Award by Aid Year page in Max.
  • Select the current academic year from the drop-down and click “Submit.”
  • Click on the tab at the top of the screen “Accept Award Offer.”
  • Your loans will be listed as OFPE (Offer Pending) > use the drop-down box to “Accept”, “Reduce” or “Decline”.
  • Make sure to complete for ALL semesters.

Complete Direct Loan Requirements:

In order for your loans to be credited towards your bill you must complete your direct loan requirements online through

  • First-time direct loan borrowers must complete Federal Direct Loan Entrance Counseling and Loan Agreement (Master Promissory Note/MPN) every ten years. 
  • Every direct loan borrower must complete their Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement every year they are in school.
  • Please note, that these requirements will not show on your account until you have completed the step above and accepted your offered loans in your MAX account. Please note these must be completed by the student, NOT the parent(s).

Entrance Counseling:

  • Log into your account at using your FSA user ID and password. Read the Disclaimer and click “ACCEPT”.
  • Under “Checklists”, click on the link “I’m in School”.
  • Click the link to “COMPLETE ENTRANCE COUNSELING”, and then click “START”.
  • Make sure to add Millersville University to the section “Notify These Schools” so that we receive your Entrance Counseling. On the same page, also make sure you are selecting the correct student type (i.e., undergraduate or graduate); then click “CONTINUE”.
    • You should now be at the beginning of the Entrance Counseling. There are 5 easy steps!
    • Make sure that you read the information carefully and answer all questions.
    • If you are unable to move onto the next section, go back and make sure that you have answered each challenge question, clicked on all drop down sections and filled in all blanks.
    • If you do not know the answers to the “Check Your Knowledge” questions, the answers will be in the section directly above.
    • Fill in the blank sections are simulation only.
    • Once you have finished each step of the Entrance Counseling, make sure to click “SUBMIT COUNSELING” so that Millersville receives notification that this step has been completed.

 Loan Agreement/Master Promissory Note (MPN):

  • Log into your account at using your FSA user ID and password. Read the disclaimer and click “ACCEPT”.
  • Under “Checklists”, click on the link “I’m in School”.
  • Click the link to “COMPLETE LOAN AGREEMENT”; make sure to click the option “MPN FOR Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loans”, and then click “START”.
  • Enter the requested information for the Borrower (Student) and select Millersville from the list of PA schools. Click “CONTINUE”.
  • You should now be at the start of your Loan Agreement!
    • Provide two personal references. These references are in no way responsible for your loan repayment. Click “CONTINUE”.
    • Review and/or edit the information that you have provided thus far. Once all information is accurate, click “CONTINUE”.
    • Scroll through all sections, read and review the information on the Master Promissory Note (MPN).
    • Once you reach the bottom of the document, under the section “Sign & Submit” you must check the box that you have read and understand the information provided to you; then you will need to enter your legal name in the boxes provided and click “SIGN & SUBMIT”.
    • You will receive a confirmation once your Loan Agreement/Master Promissory Note (MPN) has been completely submitted.

Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement:

  • Log into your account at using your FSA user ID and password. Read the disclaimer and click “ACCEPT”.
  • Under “Checklists”, click on the link “I’m in School”.
  • Click the link to “Complete Your Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement”; and then click “START”.
    • If this is your first time accepting a federal student loan, you are acknowledging that you understand your responsibility to repay your loan.
    • If you have existing federal student loans, you are acknowledging that you understand how much you owe and how much more you can borrow.


Adjustments To Your Financial Aid

A student’s financial aid award package is completed based on information at the time of processing. It is possible changes to a student’s awards may be made during the academic year for several reasons.

Some examples include:

  • Additional financial aid was received (such as scholarships or grants)
  • Changes were made to the student’s FAFSA which caused an adjustment in eligibility
  • A re-evaluation was done based on special circumstances, causing an adjustment in eligibility
  • Student’s enrollment status changed
  • Student’s living status changed (off-campus, dorm, with parents)
  • Student withdrew from the university
  • Student reached the maximum amount of aid available

For more details about changes to your financial aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 717-871-5100.