Job and Internship Fairs

Preparing For a Job Fair

The impression that you make during your initial contact at the job/internship fair  does impact the recruiters interest in taking the next step with your application.   You want to present yourself as a professional who looks the part as a entry level professional, whose resume is targeted toward the organizations you are planing to meet; who has researched the employer and is prepared to answer questions about yourself and experiences; and is prepared to ask questions that shows you researched the company and job opportunities.

Guidelines to help you prepare for a job fair (PDF)

The following three UTube Videos are part of a Digital Media/Job Fair Orientation projects that were produce by Shippensburg University Students. 

Video 1: How to Prepare For a Career Fair
Project developers: Wes Bernstein, Aishah Aljahdali, Sara Al Uraifi

How To Prepare for A Fair

vVideo 2: Career Fair Employers Prespective
Project developers: Rachel Bryson, Simon Neubauer

Career Fair Employer Insights

Video 3: Interactive Video "Day in the Life...": Question & Answer regarding Job Fair 101
Project developers: Kathryn Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Stiles

Interactive Video Job Fair 101