Spring 2018 Student Teachers

Dean's Seminar on Interviewing

Dean’s Seminar on Interviewing
Friday, March 9, 2018
Lehr Room, Bolger Conference Center
Begins promptly at 8:30am


Please click HERE for the full agenda for the seminar. 

The agenda includes:

  • Morning itinerary with list of speakers.
  • Where you will meet for your small group mock interview session.
  • The participants for each small group mock interview.
  • Instructions for receiving resume advice from the staff of Experiential Learning & Career Management.
  • Inclement weather plan.

This event is mandatory.
Please dress professionally.

Note about parking:

Since the majority of student teachers may not have current parking permits we have notified University Police about this event, asking that they do not ticket people for failure to display a parking permit in the student parking areas around Bolger Conference Center and Stayer Hall.  However, they will ticket anyone who does not park in legal spaces or who park in reserved spaces. 

Spring 2018 First Day Meeting

First Day Meeting
Friday, January 19, 2018
Reighard Multipurpose Room in the Student Memorial Center
8:00am - 2:30pm
(Keep the entire day open in the event you are meeting with your supervisor on the same day)
This meeting is mandatory. 

1. Be sure to dress professionally!
2. Be prompt! Allow enough time to gather materials and be seated by 8:00am.
3. Have access to a printed copy, or an electronic version, of the First Day Meeting Informational Packet available HERE.
4. Bring a pen.
5. Remember: If you are moving back to the campus area for student teaching you will want to make sure you have packed the original copies of your clearances and TB test results.  Even though you won't need these documents at the meeting you should take them with you on the first day of your student teaching assignment.

You will be given a one hour lunch break during the meeting.  If you choose to pack a lunch please keep in mind that refrigeration will not be available.

You will not need a parking permit while attending the First Day Meeting but please remember that you will be ticketed if parked illegally.

You will be sent an email on Thursday, January 18th with the name of your supervisor for your first half or full semester placement.  This information will be sent late in the day.  This email will also include the date, time, and location of your meeting with your supervisor.  It's possible that you will meet with your supervisor after the First Day Meeting on Friday, January 19th so please keep your calendar open for the entire day on Friday.

CELL PHONES:  Please be respectful to your host, guest speakers, and classmates by turning off your cell phones for the duration of the meeting.  You will have an opportunity to text and make phone calls during breaks and lunch hour.

Orientation Meeting - Spring 2018 Student Teachers



Orientation Meeting
Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Reighard Multipurpose Room in the Student Memorial Center
6:00pm - 8:00pm

This meeting is mandatory.  This includes all traditional student teachers and PDS interns.  The meeting will start promptly so please arrive early enough to gather hand-outs and be seated by 6:00pm.  Casual attire is permissible.

1.  A printed hard-copy or a device (such as an iPad or laptop) to access "A Guide for Student Teaching" (Click title for access to document).
2.  A pen to complete forms and taking notes

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students who are in EDFN 330, EDFN 530, EDSE 340, FORL 480, ITEC 342, and SPED 331 and who meet on Tuesday nights have been sent an email with details of an alternate session.  All other students who cannot attend the session above should contact the Student Teaching Office at student.teaching@millersville.edu immediately.  


Spring 2018 Student Teaching - Yellow Cards

If you are planning to student teach in Spring 2018 but did not receive an email about completing the Student Teaching Intent Packet complete the following steps:

  1. Complete an online Yellow Card now by clicking HERE.
  2. Click on the appropriate link under “Spring 2018 Student Teaching –Intent Packet” (above).
  3. Complete Part of A the Intent Packet as described above.
  4. Complete Part B or the Intent Packet and return to Room 120, Stayer Hall by the designated due date above. 

Please get into the habit of checking your MyVille email account, and this website, regularly since this is our venue for keeping student teachers updated on current information.