Billing & Payment Information


Federal regulations require all universities to establish a budget for students, including direct costs (those billed directly by the university) and indirect costs (those costs incurred by a student while attending school, but not billed by the university).

The budgets listed below have been created based on actual costs or as surveyed by our students (in the case of the indirect, non-billable costs).

Please note the costs listed are per YEAR and rates are subject to change; Costs are also based on full-time enrollment (15 credits for undergraduate students, 9 credits for graduate and teacher certification students).

Actual Room and Board charges will vary depending on the Residence Hall the student lives in and which meal plan is chosen.

2017-2018 ESTIMATED Costs

2016-2017 ACTUAL Costs

Payment Plan


Millersville University does offer payment plan option.  The program is now through Tuition Management Systems throught the Bursar's Office.  Please see the Bursar's Office website for updated information.

General Billing Information

All billing statements are currently available online through the student’s MAX account.  Students will be notified by email (at their marauder email account) when the billing statements is availble.  Students can also allow parents to have access to billing information (by giving them third party authorization through MAX). 

To see the timeframe when bills are available to view and the due dates, see the Bursar’s Office E-bills webpage. In general:

  • Fall semester bills are available around mid-July
  • Spring semester bills are available around mid-November
  • Summer 1 bills are available in April
  • Summer 2 bills are available in May
  • Summer 3 bills are available in June

In order to view your bill, follow these instructions:

  • Select MAX from the Millersville University home page
  • Enter your student ID number (M#)
  • Enter your MAX pin #
  • Select “Student Services”
  • Select “Bursar Student Accounts”
  • Select “View E-Bill”

If the amount you see is a negative number
You will receive a refund because your financial aid is more than enough to cover your balance at the university. You need to clear your bill online through the Bursar’s Office webpage (see the link to the left).

If the amount you see is zero (0)
Your financial aid is exactly enough to cover your balance at the university. You need to clear your bill online through the Bursar’s Office webpage (see the link to the left).

If the amount you see is a positive number
You have a balance due to the university. In order to see what your exact charges are and the what financial aid has been credited towards your bill, click on the red link “View Statement” – this will give you a printable version of the bill.

If you do not see your financial aid credited on the bill

Please check to see that all requirements of financial have been met. You can do this through MAX:

  • Select “Financial Aid”
  • Select “My Eligibility”
  • Select “Document Requirements/Holds”
  • Select the applicable aid year

This will tell you if you have any outstanding paperwork with the Office of Financial Aid – if you do, please complete all paperwork. If no requirements are showing, you may contact the Office of Financial Aid at 717-871-5100.

If your parents have applied for a PLUS loan or you have applied for an Alternative Loan, please remember that during peak processing times (June – August and November – December), it may take 2-3 weeks from the time you have applied for the loan until we have certified the loan. You cannot use the loan as a credit towards your bill until we have certified the loan and received the final approval back from the lender. Please also realize that the financial aid awards, even though approved, will not pay to your account until around the beginning of the semester, so your account may still show a balance due until the funds have been received.

The Bursar’s Office will give a student credit for financial aid that has been approved and is set to disburse at the beginning of the semester. For more information on the types of payments accepted, please use the link for the Bursar's Office to the left (under Quick Links).