Mission Statement and Values

Mission Statement and Values

Mission Statement and Values

Mission Statement

The College of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning provides a diverse array of education and training opportunities to serve the needs of adult learners in our community and beyond. We are committed to continual self-assessment with the goal of achieving exceptional results.


Responsiveness to our large, diverse group of customers

We seek to provide timely and customer-centered assistance and guidance.

Excellence in every aspect of our work

We consistently assess and evaluate our methods of service delivery, monitoring them for continuous improvement.

Creativity and innovation

We believe that ingenuity keeps us focused on the future rather than on the past. We are open to exploring new ideas and technologies while maintaining continuity of service and managing time and budgets effectively.


We strive to represent ourselves and our services honestly and competently.

Inclusiveness and diversity

We welcome and serve people of any race and ethnicity; gender; sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression; marital status; age; religion and belief system; persons with disabilities; national background and origin.

Respect and dignity

We believe that all people and organizations should be treated with respect and dignity especially when conflict and dissent occurs.