Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions the Graduate Studies office typically receives regarding tuition, fees, financial aid, registration, degree candidacy and graduation. If you are unable to find the answer(s) to your question(s) or for further inquiries, please feel free to call us at (717) 871-4723. If you prefer email:

Current and newly admitted graduate students should email

Applying to Graduate School

  • How do I submit an application?

    Applications are submitted electronically through our online application process. To apply, first, click the Apply to Millersville link on the left of the Graduate Admissions webpage, then click the corresponding degree or certification application link. This takes you to step-by-step instructions and our online application portal. The online application includes electronic recommendation form processing and the ability to upload required admission documents (goal statement and resume) to your application for final submission.

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  • What is the application deadline?

    Some graduate programs have firm application deadlines (psychology, special education, social work); others take applications on a rolling basis. For programs with firm application deadlines, if all of the required application materials are submitted by the deadline date, the College of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning will forward the application to the appropriate academic department for review and recommendation. If the application is not completed by the deadline date, the application will be held until the next application deadline.

    For programs with rolling admissions, there is no specified application deadline, but we encourage applicants to use February 1 for admission to the summer and fall terms and October 1 for admission to winter and spring terms More information about specific deadlines and materials required can be found by visiting the Timelines and Requirements link on the Graduate Application Process webpage.

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  • Can the person who writes my recommendation send it directly to Millersville?

    In the online application process, you are prompted to enter your recommenders' names and email addresses. Your recommenders are provided password-protected access to the online recommendation form which is submitted electronically and includes a free-form text box for your recommender’s written comments.

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  • I am a Millersville undergraduate student and/or a graduate of Millersville University. Do I need to submit transcripts?

    No, Graduate Studies will obtain your MU transcript from the Registrar's Office on your behalf. However, we do request that you submit official transcripts from ALL other undergraduate and graduate institutions you attended, including ALL undergraduate transfer institutions.

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  • Do I have to pay the application fee?

    Yes, the application fee is a non-refundable online application processing fee required of all graduate applicants for each application form submitted. The processing fee is $40, which may be paid credit card.

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  • When will I know if my application has been processed?

    After all application materials have been received and your application processing fee has been paid, the College of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning sends you an email of acknowledgment. At that time, your application is forwarded to the appropriate academic department(s) for review and recommendation.

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  • Can I start as a non-degree student before applying to a specific program?

    Yes, you may begin your graduate study as a non-degree student, but with certain limitations. As a non-degree student, it is recommended you complete no more than 9 credit hours prior to applying to a master's degree program. Some academic programs limit the availability of their courses to non-degree students or reserve only a few seats in their courses for non-degree students. Prospective non-degree students should check with the program coordinator of their intended program to determine the availability and selection of courses. Financial aid is not available for non-degree students

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  • How much are tuition and fees for graduate study?

    The Office of Student Accounts provides current cost information on their website. You may also contact their office, located in Lyle Hall, by phone at 717-871-5101.

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Questions about Graduate School

  • Do I need a student ID card?

    Yes, graduate students are required to have a Millersville student ID card, which is used as a library and activity card. You may get your ID card at the Campus ID Office in Boyer Computer Center, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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  • Should I get a parking permit?

    In order to park on campus, you must purchase a parking permit. For current fees and application, please visit the MU Parking website.

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  • How many credit hours do I need to be considered full-time?

    Graduate students are considered full-time if they are enrolled for 6 credits or more. Anything less than six credits is considered part-time.

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  • Do I have to pay student fees in addition to tuition?

    Yes. All graduate students must pay the general fee and the technology fee. Other fees may apply. Please check the Office of Student Account's webpage for more information on tuition and fees.

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  • I have withdrawn from class, can I get my money back?

    You must complete the cancellation process and officially drop the class with the Office of the Registrar. To view the current academic calendar visit Your effective date for refunds will be determined by the date your completed Add/Drop form is received in the Office of the Registrar. All requests for refunds must be submitted to the Office of Student Accounts, located in Room 246 of the Lyle Hall. Please note that application fees and graduation fees are nonrefundable.

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  • Where can I find out about graduate assistantships?

    Graduate assistantships are available to master’s degree students across campus in a variety of administrative offices and academic departments. Students interested in graduate assistantships should visit our graduate assistant webpage. The deadline date to submit a graduate assistant application to the College of Graduate Studies is early February for full consideration in the following fall term.

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  • How long can a student work as a graduate assistant? How much does an assistant earn?

    Assistantships are awarded for a nine-month period (fall and spring semesters only) to students admitted to a master’s degree program and are renewable for a second academic year. Graduate assistants awarded a full-time assistantship receive a tuition waiver up to 24 graduate credits and a stipend of $5,000 for their first year. In their second year as a full-time graduate assistant, the student will receive a tuition waiver up to 24 graduate credits and a stipend of $5,400.

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Registering for Classes

  • What is the process for registering for classes?

    Once your Admissions Response Form has been processed, you may activate your MU accounts and register for classes through MAX. To activate your accounts go to

    A class schedule and registration guide is available on the Registrar's website at

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  • How do I add or drop a class from my schedule?

    Students may add or drop classes through MAX during the drop/add period for the semester (generally the first week of classes). However, the signature of the course instructor (or their designee) is required to withdraw from courses after this period.

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  • How do I change my master’s degree program of study?

    Graduate students wishing to change their degree/major or program concentration must complete the Change of Curriculum form available through the Graduate Student Forms Center. Changes must be approved by your adviser/graduate coordinator and the dean of graduate studies. Please note that additional admission requirements may apply when changing majors.

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Degree Candidacy & Graduation

  • What exactly is degree candidacy and how does it apply to me?

    Degree candidacy is an evaluation of a master’s degree student's performance in order to identify areas of study that a student may need to strengthen, among other things. The Master’s degree student is responsible for applying to his/her department for advancement to degree candidacy within the required semester-hour limitation. Please refer to the program section of the graduate catalog for specific details on your programs degree candidacy process. The Application for Degree Candidacy form is available electronically in the Graduate Student Forms Center.

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  • Do I need to apply for graduation?

    Yes, you should contact the College of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning for an application. This document is also available electronically in the Graduate Student Forms Center. You must submit the Application for Graduation to the College of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning by the posted deadline. You are responsible for obtaining adviser and graduate coordinator signatures prior to submitting the application. You will be billed for the $30.00 graduation fee by the Office of Student Accounts closer to the end of the semester. If you apply for graduation but do not complete your degree requirements, you must submit a new Application for Graduation by the deadline date for the new semester in which you plan to graduate. The graduation fee is only charged one time.

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  • Is there a time limit on completing my degree requirements?

    Yes, work for your degree does not have to be done in succession, but must be completed within five years. The five-year period begins the semester a student is officially accepted into a degree program.

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