Mission Statement And Values

Mission Statement

The College of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning provides a diverse array of education and training opportunities to serve the needs of adult learners in our community and beyond. We are committed to quality educational experiences that prepare individuals for a lifetime of continuous learning and professional success.


Responsiveness and Innovation
We seek to meet the needs of our diverse stakeholders through proactive response and innovation. We continue to develop and refine new and enhanced programs and services through ingenuity and exploration based on the needs of our students.

Integrity and Excellence
We strive to represent ourselves honestly, professionally and to deliver our services with excellence.

Inclusiveness and Respect
We welcome diversity and endeavor to treat all people with respect, dignity, and compassion. 

Collaboration and Stewardship
We explore opportunities to engage diverse community and academic partners to create learner-centered experiences that maximize our impact and effectiveness. We believe strong partnerships and responsible stewardship of resources ensure sustainability and growth.

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