EPPIIC Values at Millersville University

The descriptions of our core values serve as guiding principles to help us fulfill our mission, achieve our vision and attain our goals. Individuals or units within the University community may enhance or clarify these descriptions.

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EPPIIC Value - Exploration

Millersville University fosters intellectual curiosity, engagement, collaboration and creativity among our community, leading to innovation, discovery and learning.

Institutional Learning Outcome
Promote intellectual curiosity, engagement and creativity, leading to innovation and discovery.


EPPIIC Value - Professionalism

Millersville University models effective work practices and provides opportunities for professional development that emphasize critical thinking, collaboration, leadership and self-care.

Institutional Learning Outcome
Demonstrate critical thinking, collaboration, leadership, self-care and effective work practices.


Public Mission

EPPIIC Value - Public Mission

Millersville University cultivates and empowers local, regional and global communities.

Institutional Learning Outcome
Empower individuals to be active and responsive citizens.


EPPIIC Value - Inclusion

Millersville University values a community where differences are welcomed, dialogue is respectful and every individual feels a sense of belonging. 

Institutional Learning Outcome
Strengthen community identity so differences are welcomed and everyone feels they belong.


EPPIIC Value - Integrity

Millersville University embraces ethical and transparent decision-making, communication, scholarship, learning and work.

Institutional Learning Outcome
Uphold ethical decision-making, communication and work.


EPPIIC Value - Compassion

Millersville University fosters empathy for, and kindness towards, the human experience, leading to purposeful action.

Institutional Learning Outcome
Choose kindness as the mindful foundation that guides purposeful action.