Millersville Swans

Miller & S'Ville

At the heart of Millersville University’s picturesque 250-acre campus is our historic pond which is home to our two resident swans, Miller and S’ville.

  • 1966 – 2 swans were purchased for $100 by the Millersville Business Associates
  • Swans named Fred and Ethel
  • 1987 – Swans were named Miller and S’Ville (Seville)
  • May 2000 – Last time Millersville swans produced 8 cygnets (baby swans)
  • January 2007 – new swans were introduced to the pond

Quick Facts about Swans

  • Millers is the male swan (called a cob)
  • S'Ville is the female (called a pen)
  • Swans usually form pairs for life
  • The young or baby swans are called cygnets.
  • Swan nests are usually a large pile of reeds and water plants.
  • Female usually lays four to six eggs
  • She incubates them until they hatch about 30-35 days later.
  • The male guards the nest from predators and may take over incubation so that the female can feed.
  • The babies emerge short-necked and thickly downed; though capable of running and swimming a few hours after hatching, they are carefully tended for several months
  • Both parents tend the cygnets, which are sometimes seen riding on the back of a swimming parent.
  • Cygnets first learn to float in the water, then start to fly in about 60-75 days.
  • Young swans do not grow their white feathers until the next summer