Skully's Circle Award Recipients


Millersville University’s March Skully’s Circle Award is presented to Lydia Yeager of University Events.  Lydia began her journey at the ‘Ville as a student employee and as a representative of SSI, a partner to Millersville University.  In July 2020, she assumed the role of Assistant Director of Conference Services in Housing & Residential Programs.  In 2022 she was appointed as Interim Ticket Office Manager during the position’s vacancy.  In February 2023, Lydia was promoted to Director of University Events in the Advancement division.

Douglas Kyle, Major Gift Officer in Development, nominated Lydia for behaviors related to: Work Performance, Customer Service, Attitude and Commitment, Interpersonal Skills and Overall Furtherance of Millersville University’s Mission and Vision.  Douglas shared the following comments:

Work Performance- Lydia has been in her position as director of events for just about a year. She has taken everything in stride, and every event I have worked or attended that was planned by her has been seamless. The number of people who have commented that the events are very nice and well done is too many for me to count. Lydia exemplifies the value of Exploration in her role. Not only does she show a passion to learn from others who are involved in the events she is planning, she is always looking for new ways to operate and be both more efficient and effective.

Customer Service - Lydia has a one-of-a-kind relationship with everyone on campus. I have not seen anyone else who has the level of mutual respect with everyone at Millersville than her. She is respectful of the needs of her colleagues and is helpful to her campus partners when putting events together. She makes sure that everyone has what they need. Lydia also shows customer service with the other community members who attend her events. When planning food options for events with catering, she is cognizant of other's dietary restrictions and needs. In this, she exemplifies our value of compassion. She also exemplifies our value of inclusion. By making sure everyone has a dining option that is safe for them to eat, she is not allowing people to be singled out. She is also aware of and actively plans for the needs of those with special accommodations. One example is deciding to use a ramp on graduation instead of stairs to get on the stage.

Attitude and Commitment - Lydia's job is hard. She is planning multiple events at once, but she is always willing to help and understands the importance of the events to the university. An example was when planning for Celebrate Scholars, Winter Commencement, and Glorious Sounds of the seasons was happening at the same time. Lydia approached every project with the same vigor and commitment as always. She shows the value of professionalism and integrity by making sure that despite the stressors of many events at the same time, she makes sure each event is put together 110%.

Interpersonal Skills - Lydia knows exactly how to talk with her campus partners. She may have to have difficult conversations, or simply collaborate with others. If Lydia has a suggestion or criticism, she is never rude or harsh. She comes from a place of good. She also can effectively communicate when collaborating, making sure that coworkers have a sense of friendliness while keeping communication effective and focused on the goal at hand.

Advancement of Mission - Lydia has put together some amazing donor events. She understands the stewardship aspect of these events and how they allow the university to connect with it's donors, and further giving. An even better example has been seeing her commitment to putting together a perfect graduation. We are all here to see our students succeed and commencement is the ultimate image of a student’s success at MU. Lydia makes sure that the event feels special and important for the students. She truly shows the value of public mission in all of her event planning and endeavors.

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