Skully's Circle Award Nominees

May 2023-24

As we prepare for our second year of celebrating employees who demonstrate exceptional performance and a positive demeanor through Skully’s Circle recognition, let us share excerpts from the many esteemed nominations received between May 2023-May 2024.

Nomaan Ansari

Nomaan has been our Interim Technical Solutions Manager for two years now. He's been with MU for almost 12 years, and he has a keen sense of customer service that goes above and beyond what most employees do. When I need to ask him to go help a student, staff member, or faculty member, I know he's going to go there and speak to them as if their problem is THE most important mission he's ever undertaken. He stays on task until the problem is resolved. He helped me with a stream recently and his calmness and thoroughness gave me the confidence to not cancel the event - I knew he had my back - and he stayed with me to make sure all was well. Nomaan is behind the scenes to make sure our customers get back in business ASAP, and I am so glad he's on our MU team. He practices excellent customer service, with a smile, each and every time, for everyone.

Tim Beatty

Tim consistently demonstrates professionalism every time we encounter him. To put it simply, Tim is there. Without a doubt, Tim shows up to every event, works hard, and is always professional and kind no matter the circumstance. He has the perfect balance of tolerating our office's constant requests and needs while respecting his directives and getting the job done correctly. Tim will not only do his job, but he will go out of the way to help us out in any way he can.

Josh Belice

Joshua Belice is an outstanding member of our MU Community. He has worked with me and other faculty to recruit and retain our students. Specifically, Josh has worked with Dr. Sarah Jackson and me (Dr. Beth Powers) to secure funding and support preservice Early Childhood Education teachers to complete their bachelor's degree and their teacher certification program. He has also helped me and other faculty to find funding to support students and has reached out to community members who can mentor these students. He is an exemplary member of our community and fully deserving of this award.

Donna Bouaziz

Donna is one of the behind-the-scenes employees without whom many programs and processes would suffer. As an admin in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Donna's primary responsibilities have been supporting large-scale recruitment events such as the University Open House. However, with the departure of other employees from the office, Donna has taken on additional duties to ensure that recruitment operations continue to run smoothly.

She demonstrates PROFESSIONALISM in approaching all her responsibilities. On the day of Open House, she is on campus at 5:30 a.m., setting up the check-in area, placing signs, and reviewing materials. She is in the background all day, troubleshooting the event and stepping in where help is needed - whatever the task. Prior to events, Donna is the primary contact point for participating offices and departments and ensures that all stakeholders, from the President's Commissions to the smallest academic program, are INCLUDED in programming considerations. She accommodates changes professionally and works hard to provide good customer service to internal customers and those external to the University.

Dr. Christine Filippone

Christine Filippone has proudly and adeptly served the University as the chair of the President's Commission on the Status of Women. Throughout her entire term as chair, she has been a shining example of a servant-leader; she empowered her leadership team and committees to take on ambitious topics and programs. She worked alongside each member in meetings and at events. She has been an advocate for not only women's issues, but human values of equity, inclusion, and compassion. She took every opportunity to shine a bright light on issues that needed addressed and on the members of the committee doing great work.

Desa Fry

Desa is a delightful custodial worker in Stayer Hall where I work. She demonstrates pride in her work and a love for our students. I was recently a witness to her compassion. I was in the office on a snow day (missed the notification on my commute in) and was on the phone with an upset student who could not access their meal plan due to registration issues. Desa was in the hallway making rounds and overheard my conversation. She immediately chimed in with the names of several people across campus who would be on duty and able to support. Desa helped me ensure that this student had access to food despite a registration issue. When I’m away from my office, Desa takes great pride in making sure my plants are cared for. Many of the students know her by name. She is often seen chatting with them in the study lounges, asking them about classes, and giving them life tips and lessons from her experiences. She is a friendly face that we all love to see at work.

Abigail Gallello

From the day I started at Millersville, Abbie has always been willing to help train me and answer every single one of my questions. Financial aid processing is incredibly complex, but Abbie approaches every situation headfirst and never backs down from a challenge. She is at her best when she's frustrated with something that isn't working the way it should or the way she would like it to. During Millersville's transition to OneSYS, she has been the lead in our office managing all the data migration and conversion while still fulfilling her everyday duties for our office. She has demonstrated incredible integrity and professionalism during this process and has not allowed things to "slack" just because she has new, important, things to do.

Kay Keen

Even on the most challenging days, Kay Keen is always smiling and positive. Every time I call her or email her, she responds quickly, and you can just "hear her smiling" - which is a cornerstone of good customer service. No matter who she's speaking with, she is always looking for a positive outcome for that interaction. Kay took on the Team Captain role for our CORE group's "Take a Hike Challenge" this year. Not only did she inspire with her emails, she made people feel welcome by making it a healthy challenge rather than a contest. She focused on the positives and called out the many achievements the team members were experiencing during the event. I think it's her genuine concern for her co-workers and MU community that drives her positivity and willingness to step up and take the lead.

Lenny Lowery

Lenny, the housekeeper in Dilworth, goes above and beyond every day to put a smile on the faces of all the Dilworth employees. In addition to making sure Dilworth is spotless every day, Lenny does additional things like leaving little chocolates or other goodies out for the employees. These small acts of kindness are not necessary, but always bring a smile to everyone face. Additionally, when employees do get to talk to Lenny, she is always happy and energetic.

For professionalism, she always goes above and beyond in her job. From the fragrance hand soaps, to the decorations in the bathrooms…she always treats everyone the same and sometimes leaves little notes for areas she cleans.

Heather Morris

Heather has been extremely professional during a hectic two weeks, while helping cover for others on vacation, hiring a new member of our team, continuing to meet with donors to achieve our fundraising goals, giving me valuable insight as a new major gift officer, and helping iron out any issues with the fit society mailing. She has not only brought the development team close together, but she has also managed to keep the ship running and find new ways for the department to operate efficiently. She is always looking out for her staff while also looking out for the donors she works with. Heather understands the reason why we are here is for the students.

Dr. Jason Petula

Dr. Jason Petula exemplifies all of Millersville's EPPIIC values and the public mission of the university in many ways. Most especially, I am nominating Dr. Petula for his tireless efforts in his role as Faculty Coordinator of Internationalization for the International Programs Office at MU. Dr. Petula is firmly committed to extending Millersville's global reach AND ensuring that all Millersville students have access to and awareness of the many opportunities for both study abroad and service abroad. Dr. Petula routinely chaperones students who are education majors to Sweden AND has established the only Sweden-American teaching placement program in the nation. Dr. Petula has been instrumental in bringing the world to Millersville as well as bringing Millersville students and faculty to the world.

Gwendolyn Phillips

Gwendolyn Phillips is a secretary in the Department of Criminology, Sociology and Anthropology. She began her career at MU in September of 2021. From day 1, Gwen exudes Millersville's EPIIC values in her exceptional work performance. She is creative, thinks of out of the box to resolve departmental challenges. Her creativity can be found on the department website, department artwork, promotional artwork while ensuring MU standards are followed. She is always prepared, professional, and keeps our department running efficiently. The quality of her work is exceptional! She always pitches in when needed, goes above and beyond her duties to ensure our students and faculty have what is needed to complete a task. She is a joy to work with, her smile is contagious and she is an asset to the MU campus family.

Tonya Pyles

On November 17, 2023, Dominick DeLorenzo and I conducted a fire drill in the Agires Science Complex. The drill went seamlessly, and the staff and students properly evacuated the building. However, Tonya went above and beyond in ensuring the safety of the building occupants. She was the last person out of the hallways on the lower level of the building and she checked each classroom and restroom on her way out to safeguard against any faculty, students, and staff from being left inside the building. This level of commitment to safety is applauded and Tonya is an example of how to properly prepare for and respond to an emergency, whilst ensuring the safety of all.

Kayla Rankin

I have only been with Millersville for less than a year now, but even in that short time I have on multiple instances been impressed by the Professionalism, Integrity, and Compassion shown by Kayla when visiting the Palmer building. I have always witnessed Kayla calmly, compassionately, and competently responding to all inquiries from staff and outside contractors that entered the Palmer building, not only setting our internal team up for success but representing the entire organization in a positive manner.

Matthew Rutkoski

Matt encourages his staff to take care of themselves and offers to help them find any resources that could be helpful for them. Matt works with many on and off-campus organizations by facilitating donations, such as the HUB and other donation drives at the end of the year from items donated from the residence halls. Matt looks for ways to innovate and be creative with campus resources to help benefit the students. Overall, Matt displays the EPPIIC values of Millersville daily and works to better the students' experience. Aside from his professional commitments to the University, Matt hosts a radio show on the campus radio station 91.7 WIXQ. He volunteers his time as webmaster and in training students to become DJs.

Kyle Schumaker

I cannot think of an event that I have attended this year at which I have not seen Kyle Schumaker working to make the event happen! He is everywhere doing everything and supporting all of us and our students in every possible way. He does this day in and day out, night in and night out without hesitation and seemingly with an unending amount of energy and positivity. His compassion for the students, faculty, and/or staff in the show/performance/competition is only equaled by his professionalism with the students, faculty, staff, and/or community in attendance. He supports all, loves all, and embodies all that our EPPIIC Values stand for.

Miranda Sweetman

Miranda is always there for everyone. When any student worker at the IT help desk needs assistance with a call or a ticket Miranda is there to lend a hand. She will help you figure out how to resolve the issue and will be very caring and kind throughout the process. In addition, if someone’s having a rough time or just having a bad day Miranda is always willing to listen and help out the best she can. She is one of the nicest and most caring staff at the university and this school would not be the same without her. Even with a sprained ankle she still comes into work so that she can help others. Miranda cares about her students so much that she still comes into work so that she can help out the student body, the university staff and faculty, and her student workers succeed.

Bridget Vigue

Bridget's first ever annual gift society mailing was taking place, and she showed immense professionalism the entire time. We ran into a few setbacks when it came to some of the formatting for letters being sent to our very generous donors. Bridget was able to focus on fixing any issues from a customer service mindset, thinking of how our gift society members would receive or interpret what was sent to them. She was able to suggest changes to the process and to what was needed to be sent to donors in order to help preserve the integrity of Millersville's development office. Her attitude during this was one of positivity and a sense to get it done right instead of done quickly. She was compassionate when communicating with other coworkers if something was not clear and took any challenges that arose during the process as a learning opportunity.

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