Skully's Circle Award Recipients

august 2023

Tara Borgna receives Skully AwardMillersville University’s August Skully’s Circle Award is presented to Tara Borgna, Director of Enterprise Applications in the Enterprise Applications and Digital Solutions department. Tara began her journey at MU in 2000 as an Associate Database Administrator. Over the years she grew into various roles, serving our IT Department as a Developer, Applications Services Manager and Director of Enterprise Applications.

Tara was nominated by Megan Jones, Senior Assistant Registrar, for satisfying "Work Performance", "Attitude and Commitment" and "Interpersonal Skills" criteria of the Skully’s Circle award program.

"I've worked with Tara for a number of years closely as she manages the applications that our office works with. Through COVID-19, the network hack in March 2021 and the network issues in December 2021, she has always been available and responds quickly to the needs that impact our office and our students. Despite having a hefty workload, Tara is always responsive and helps to prioritize issues that affect students. Her skills at working with our office and with third party software consultants as well as her positive attitude and commitment to Millersville make her deserving of this recognition. She is the epitome of professionalism and integrity in her role and always prioritizes the projects and issues that most affect our students. With all of the projects currently underway, including the massive oneSIS project, it is an overwhelming time for many of our offices and the fact that Tara continues to work effectively and with a positive attitude is deserving of this recognition."

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