Skully's Circle Nomination, Process and Timeline

Faculty, staff, and students are invited to nominate an eligible employee using the Skully’s Circle Nomination Form located on the About Millersville/EPPIIC Values website.

A nominator’s identity will not be confidential.

The Skully’s Circle Nomination Form will solicit specific examples of the nominee’s EPPIIC behavior in the areas of work performance, customer service, attitude and commitment, interpersonal skills, and overall furtherance of Millersville University’s mission and vision.

  • Step 1: Review Skully's Circle EPPIIC Behaviors

    Example behaviors and actions follow:

    Work Performance

    • Exhibits PROFESSIONALISM by managing time and workload well which results in meeting deadlines, or delivering results earlier than anticipated
    • Goes above and beyond to ensure a quality job is done
    • First to volunteer when extra work is available
    • Takes initiative to EXPLORE a solution to a problem
    • Provides welcomed coaching and leadership when needed
    • Employs creativity in approach to challenges and new undertakings
    • Is INCLUSIVE of all stakeholders, encourages involvement and considers all points of view

    Customer Service
    • Views everyone they encounter as a customer (internal – coworkers and external – students, student families, vendors, community)
    • Greets customers with a smile and authentic “How can I help you today?”
    • Goes above and beyond in exceeding the customer’s expectations (for example, rather than giving a name or number for a customer to contact, makes a soft transfer via phone, email, or in-person encounter with that contact)
    • Uses language in all communications that is personalized, positive, helpful, INCLUSIVE, and offers options
    • Responds to requests in a timely manner, even if the response is “I wanted to let you know that I received your question (acknowledgement) and I’ll need to research the answer.  I will provide an update on Monday. (timeframe)”

    Attitude and Commitment
    • Exhibits a positive, approachable presence even on the most challenging days
    • Demonstrates INTEGRITY by doing what they say they will do
    • Self-motivated
    • Exudes infectious excitement for their work, others’ efforts, and our campus community, etc.

    Interpersonal Skills
    • Actively listens and asks questions to seek understanding
    • Demonstrates COMPASSION and empathy when interacting with others
    • Understands the value of communication, providing clear information
    • Gives constructive feedback in a manner that maintains the listener’s self-esteem
    • Recognizes others’ achievements
    • Collaborates in conversations relating to work processes, challenges, etc.
    • Serves as a resource for new employees and others, largely due to their INCLUSIVE and welcoming nature
    • Demonstrates respect for others and their diverse contributions

    Overall Furtherance of Millersville University’s Mission and Vision
    • Makes decisions with fiscal responsibility in mind in order to reduce the cost of providing our high-quality education at an exceptional value
    • Participates in PROFESSIONAL development in pursuit of improving the quality of education and service provided to our students
    • In the spirit of PUBLIC MISSION, inspires students to pursue opportunities that make an impact within our community or for the greater good
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  • Step 2: Prepare Your Nomination

    Who is Eligible? 

    All active full-time, part-time and temporarily Millersville University employed faculty and staff individuals who are in good standing are eligible to be nominated to receive this recognition.

    Our University President and Cabinet members are exempt from nomination. Self-nominations are not accepted. Individuals may not be awarded Skully’s Circle recognition more than once in a 24-month period.

    The nomination will include:

    • Nominee
    • Your contact information
    • Selection of the EPPIIC behavior in one or more of these categories
      • Work Performance
      • Customer Service
      • Attitude and Commitment
      • Interpersonal Skills
      • Overall Furtherance of Millersville University’s Mission and Vision
    • Brief description of the above behavior

    The HR Advisory Panel will use the scoresheet to evaluate nominations. The behavior description on the nomination score form will awarded 0-3 points based on the below analysis. 

    Points Evidence
    Not answered, no example given, or respondent reiterated language of the prompt
    One piece of evidence provided with no detail and no resulting benefit identified
    One piece of evidence provided with detail and resulting benefit identified
    More than one detailed piece of evidence provided and resulting benefits identified

    Nominations are accepted by the 15th of each month to be considered for the following three months. 

    *Note: The ability to nominate is open to MU faculty, staff and students only.

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  • Step 3: The HR Advisory Panel Selects Recipient's

    Completed Skully’s Circle Nomination Forms will be routed to the Office of Human Resources. Nominations will be considered for award for a period of three months following submission.

    The HR Advisory Panel will be a committee of leadership team members in addition to the Employee Engagement Specialist, who will serve as Chair.

    Each month, HR Advisory Panel members will review score nominations using the Skully’s Circle Nomination Form Scoring Tool. One candidate will be chosen to receive Skully’s Circle recognition.

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  • Step 4: Awards
    • Each Skully’s Circle recipient will receive a certificate and blanket with Skully’s Circle logo.
    • Leadership will make monthly surprise award presentations.
    • Announcement of recipients will be made using the following venues:
      • Ville Daily
      • About Millersville/EPPIIC Values website
      • President’s Updates Email/Web Communication
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