Admissions Process for Graduate Programs

Millersville offers a variety of graduate certificates, master’s, and doctorate degrees to further your education!  Below are the admissions requirement for our graduate programs.

  • Which level program should I apply for?

    Are you unsure which type of graduate program you should apply for?  Review our program choices below!

    • Post-Baccalaureate Certificate program – For students with a bachelor's degree completed.
    • Post-Master’s Certificate program - For students with a master's degree completed.
    • Master’s degree- For students with an undergraduate degree completed.
    • Doctoral degree – For students with a master's degree completed.
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  • Program Pre-requisite Requirements

    Some graduate certificate and graduate programs may require certain pre-requisites to be completed before beginning the program such as a degree in a certain subject, specific coursework, etc.  Review our Graduate Program Pages and select your program of interest for more information on any specific pre-requisite requirements needed!

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  • Application Requirements

    We do recommend beginning and completing your graduate application as soon as possible!  You can submit your graduate application before all transcripts and documents are received.  You will be able to upload documents after submitting the application.

    Submit the below documents to complete your graduate application:

    • Completed application
    • Copies of all previous official transcripts
    • Resume
    • Goal Statement
    • 3 Letters of Recommendation (completed within the application)

    *Additional documentation such as a writing sample, copy of professional licensure, additional statements, or other documents may be required for certain graduate programs.

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  • Requesting Transcripts

    Copies of all previous official transcripts are required in order to complete an application.  Transcripts must be sealed, official copies sent directly from the university or college to our office.  Any opened transcripts (electronic or mailed) are considered unofficial copies.

    Where to submit transcripts?

    • Electronic Transcripts-
      • Send electronic official transcripts directly from the school to our office at
      • Electronic transcripts are typically the fastest way to submit transcripts.
    • Mailed Transcripts-
      • Have mailed official transcripts sent directly to our office:
        • Graduate Programs
          Millersville University
          Lyle Hall
          P.O. Box 1002
          Millersville, PA 17551
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  • Returning Students

    If you previously began a program at Millersville, you can reapply to return!  If you are not currently an active MU student, you will need to submit a new application to reactivate and begin again.  You do not need to request your MU transcripts.  We will let you know if any other transcripts or documents are required!

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  • Acceptance Process

    Most graduate programs offer rolling admissions and applications are reviewed for acceptance as they become complete.  Several graduate programs have required submission deadlines and review applications once the deadline has passed.  Review our Graduate Program Pages for information on specific deadlines.

    If you are accepted into a graduate program, a confirmation email will be sent to access your application portal and decision letter.  To confirm acceptance and secure a spot in the program, the admissions response form must be submitted.  Information on the response form will be sent to accepted students.


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  • Residency Requirement

    Students must complete a minimum of two-thirds of their degree program at Millersville University in order to meet graduate residency requirements.

    Students interested in earning a second master’s degree at MU in the same field must meet all course requirements for the second degree and complete not fewer than 24 credits of approved course work beyond the requirements for the initial degree. 


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  • Graduate Program Time Limit

    Work for the graduate degree may be completed over several years but must be concluded within a five-year period.  The five-year period begins the semester a student is accepted into a degree program.

    A re-evaluation of course work taken prior to admission to a degree program and an extension of time, usually an additional year, beyond this five-year limit may be granted by the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, at the request of the student, upon the recommendation of the adviser and graduate program coordinator.

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