International Field Placement/Internship/Service Learning Opportunities

What Are My Options for Study Abroad

Field Placement 

BSW SOWK 401, 402

Social Work majors are able to complete their senior field placement abroad during their last semester at Millersville. Social Workers fulfill the Department of Social Work's requirements for their senior placement and take MU courses while conducting their placement in an international location. Students are able to gain professional hands-on experience by working with grassroots and/or support organizations. Students are able to maintain contact with their Field Liason through email, D2L, and Skype throughout this 12-week experience. For more information, click here.

Check out Kelsea, as she completes her Senior Field Placement at Beautiful Gate Children's Home!

Traditional Study Abroad

A study that allows you to deepen your understanding of social work with our MU partner institutions abroad.                                                                   


6-8 weeks work-based internship opportunities that can be completed during the summer.

Service Learning

1-2 weeks alternative break that couples learning with community-based collaboration.

How Will Studying Abroad Benefit Me As A Social Work Major

An international internship provides you with much more than just work experience. Unlike having an internship at home, you will gain global skills and have experiences that will truly set you apart from other graduates. Your internship experience will go beyond the workplace as you explore the local culture and immerse yourself in the day-to-day patterns of another country. More than any time in the past, employers are seeking candidates with a global viewpoint, the ability to work with diverse groups, ability to problem solve, and the willingness to step outside their comfort zone to take on new challenges. Interning abroad gives you all of that and more. Living abroad and being immersed in a new culture strengthens your resume but even further, fosters personal growth through the development of skills such as adaptability, independence, critical thinking, and working in a multicultural environment, which are important to success in the workplace and community.      

A Global Citizen...

Is aware of the world

Has a sense of personal role in the world

Respects and values diversity                                                                       globe

Understands how the world works 

Is outraged by social injustice

Engages in the community

Takes action 

Takes personal responsibility

                           (Oxfam, n.d.)                                  

How Can I Afford to Study or Intern Abroad?

  • If you qualify for federal and/or PA state financial aid, you may apply it to your approved study abroad program. You will review estimated cost with Office of Global Education & Partnerships (OGEP).
  • Students may meet with Financial Aid, prior to submitting an application, to review how the cost of their program factors into their financial aid package. Estimates can be provided to determine whether a student is eligible to apply for additional aid.
  • After a student is accepted to study abroad, OGEP sends final cost estimates to Financial Aid to determine a student's official aid package.
  • There are a wide variety of scholarship opportunities for students studying abroad. OGEP will advise you where to search and how to apply for such scholarships.
For more information contact:
The Office of Global Education & Partnerships
Cumberland House
Millersville University
PO Box 1002
Millersville, PA 17551
The School of Social Work
Stayer Hall, Room 301
Millersville University
Millersville, PA 17551

The Learning Institute

The Learning Institute: Global Well-Being & Social Change

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