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Summer Institutes for Educators

SPED 601 - Disability Leadership Institute (CRN 3761)

Dates/Location: 6/19/17 – 6/23/17 | Stayer Hall, Multipurpose Room
Professor: Dr. Thomas Neuville

The Institute uniquely provides elementary, middle school and high school teachers, school counselors and school nurses with an understanding of the critical intersections between contemporary theory and effective learning and service practices, examining them within the context of disability rights narrative, special education and social theories of marginalization.

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ART 526 - Current Trends in Art Education (CRN 3606)

Dates/Location: 6/19/17 – 6/23/17 | Breidenstine 209
Professor: Dr. Leslie Gates

New National Core Arts Standards were released in 2014, and states across the U.S. and individual districts are now beginning to align their curricula to the new standards. The new standards are based on a different philosophical foundation than the previous standards, published in 1994, and this shift demonstrates the field of art education’s evolution as they prepare students for the 21st century.  Participants in this institute will have an opportunity learn about and work with the National Core Arts Standards alongside of experts in art education curriculum as well as those involved in the national standards writing process. This institute is aligned with the Millersville University course ART 526: Current Trends in Art Education: Teaching the National Standards.

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ENGL 692 - Media Literacy (CRN 4199)

Dates/Location: 6/26/17 – 6/30/17 | McNairy 104
Professor: Dr. Timothy Shea

Every day we hear cries of “fake news” and “media bias” but do our students know how to discern the difference? Our students are inundated with a wide array of images in a plethora of media but they often struggle to read and to analyze this ubiquitous media in digital spaces? This institute will help educators learn how to equip students with the skills to critically review and evaluate media texts as well as digital and social media. Drawing from expertise in television, film, advertising, video games, and social media, faculty will demonstrate strategies to teach students how to find, evaluate, and communicate information with media literacy tools, all of which are connected to national and state standards. Teachers will learn strategies to integrate these media texts in classes as they engage students in their learning that empowers adolescents to become stronger readers and writers of print text, too! This active institute will engage participants to lead their students to “read and interpret the word and the world” through relevant film and media texts.

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ESL Institute

Dates/Location: 7/17/17 – 7/21/16 | Stayer Hall, Multipurpose Room
Professor: TBD

The English as a Second Language (ESL) Institute uniquely provides administrators, classroom teachers, and ESL teachers with a critical understanding of how schools can take proactive steps at bridging the achievement gap as it relates to linguistically and culturally diverse learners. 

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EDUC 586 - Reading and Writing Institute (CRN 3261)

Dates/Location: 7/24/17 – 7/28/17 | McNairy Library, Rm. 104
Professor: Dr. Jennifer Shettel

Participants will explore current “hot topics” in literacy education and how to engage 21st Century Literacy Learners. Participants will fully immerse themselves in a week of active learning on literacy topics that include Tech Tools for the Literacy Classroom, Mindset for Literacy, Nonfiction & Disciplinary Literacy, Writer’s Notebooks and 21st Century Tools for Writing.

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Summer Workshops for Educators

EDW 754 - Respiratory Health (CRN 4183)

Dates/Location: 6/12/17 - 6/23/17 | Online
Professor: Dr. Jeffrey Wimer

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EDW 575 - Adolescent Substance Abuse (CRN 3528)

Dates/Location: 6/26/17 – 7/07/17 | Online
Professor: Dr. Jeffery Wimer

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EDW 647 - Internet for Educators (CRN 4171)

Dates/Location: 7/10/17 – 7/14/17 | Online
Professor: Dr. Nazli Hardy

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EDW 648 - PA Standards-Aligned Learn Center PK-12 (CRN 2886)

Dates/Location: 7/10/17 – 7/14/17 | Osburn Rm. 307
Professor: Dr. Barry David

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EDW 764 Childhood Obesity Prevention (CRN 3348 )

Dates/Location: 7/24/17 – 8/04/17 | Online 
Professor: Dr. Jeffery Wimer

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EDW 560 - Visual Materials (CRN 3233)

Dates/Location: 7/31/17 – 8/04/17 | Osburn Rm. 307
Professor: Dr. Barry David

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EDW 727 - Differentiating Instruction (CRN 3072)

Dates/Location: 7/31/17 – 8/4/17 | Online
Professor: Dr. Ojoma Edeh Herr

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EDW 558 - Technology of Making Things (CRN 3074)

Dates/Location: 8/07/17 – 8/11/17 | Osburn Rm. 307
Professor: Dr. Barry David

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