EDUC 687 (CRN 3175) Reading Institute

Location: McNairy Library 104, Millersville University 

Dates: 07/20/15 - 07/24/15

Professor: Dr. Jennifer Shettel

Course Description: Participants will explore the PA Core Standards and the original Common Core State Standards in depth with a special focus on the call for “close reading” of a variety of texts, including narrative, expository, and poetic text structures. Participants will immerse themselves in a week of learning various approaches to close reading and close viewing of exemplar texts and will engage with a variety of experts in how to deepen their understandings with the intent to implement this approach in the classrooms.

EDUC 586 (CRN 3271) Instructional Interventions for Students with Autism

Location: Stayer MPR, Millersville University 

Dates: 06/15/15 - 06/19/15

Professor: Dr. Elba Rohena

Course Description: Participants will acquire and practice evidence-based instructional strategies for teaching students functioning on the autism spectrum who have pervasive developmental disorders. The core areas of social and communication skills will be emphasized as participants develop the ability to address the complex needs of students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in various classrooms and school settings. The institute will be taught collaboratively and include experts in the area of Verbal Behavior and other evidence based practices. All education professionals are encouraged to register, especially regular and special education teachers, school psychologists, principals, guidance counselors, speech and language clinicians, occupational and physical therapists, reading specialists, home and school visitors who serve students with ASD.

SPAN 522, 523, 542, 581 (CRN 4022, 3737, 3994, 3995) Spanish Institute

Location: McComsey 305, Millersville University

Dates: 06/22/15 - 07/17/15

Professor: Dr. Marco A. Antolin, Dr. Wilfredo Valentin Marquez, Dr. Margaret A. Borger Greco

Course Description: SPAN 522 - Practice in writing with a view to avoidance of anglicisms in syntax and vocabulary. Grammar treated on a remedial basis to foster correctness of expression. Vocabulary building. Emphasis on production of idiomatic Spanish.  SPAN 523 - Designed to give students a feeling for Spanish style in writing, a sense of shades of meaning, and a mastery of certain difficulties of Spanish grammar and syntax. Writing of original compositions, précis writing and translation from English to Spanish.  SPAN 542 - Traces the main currents of Latin American civilization from its prehistoric beginnings to the present. SPAN 581 - Seminar in Medieval Spanish Literature

EDFN 587 (CRN 3903) Technology Institute: 21st Century Leadership

Location: McNairy Library 104, Millersville University 

Dates: 06/22/15 - 06/26/15

Professor: Dr. Oliver Dreon

Course Description: What does it mean to be a school leader in an era of mobile devices, online teaching and flipped classrooms?  As the traditional classroom evolves, expands and is redefined, what role does a school leader have in fostering and supporting innovation?  In this week-long institute, participants will explore the changing nature of classroom instruction and student learning and examine the different technologies and pedagogies innovative teachers are utilizing.  Taught through a series of seminars with different experts in the field, the 21st Century Leadership Institute will provide an evidence-based foundation for the beginning or experienced school leader.

SPED 601 (CRN 3761) Disability Leadership Institute

Location: Stayer MPR, Millersville University

Dates: 06/22/15 - 06/26/15

Professor: Dr. Thomas Neuville

Course Description: The Institute uniquely provides elementary, middle school and high school teachers, school counselors and school nurses with an understanding of the critical intersections between contemporary theory and effective learning and service practices, examining them within the context of disability rights narrative, special education and social theories of marginalization. By the conclusion of the Institute professionals will expand their knowledge about serving the needs of each individual learner as they explore how to: understand each students most pressing needs, evaluate organizational structures as they apply to the students experience and design methods of practice based on a whole child approach.

EDUC 686 (CRN 4029) ESL Institute

Location: Stayer MPR, Millersville University

Dates: 06/29/15 - 07/02/15

Professor: Katherine Houck

Course Description: The English as a Second Language Institute uniquely provides administrators, classroom teachers, and ESL teachers with a critical understanding of how schools can take proactive steps at bridging the achievement gap as it relates to linguistically and culturally diverse learners. This institute will count toward the required class EDUC 563 for ESL certification.

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