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Summer Institutes for Educators

SPED 601 - Disability Leadership Institute (CRN 3761)

Location/Dates: Stayer Hall, Multipurpose Room • 6/20/16 – 6/24/16
Professor: Dr. Thomas Neuville

The Institute uniquely provides elementary, middle school and high school teachers, school counselors and school nurses with an understanding of the critical intersections between contemporary theory and effective learning and service practices, examining them within the context of disability rights narrative, special education and social theories of marginalization.

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EDUC 586 - Co-teaching Institute (CRN 3271)

Location/Dates: Stayer Hall, Multipurpose Room • 6/27/16 – 7/1/16
Professor: Dr. Janet Josephson

This interactive Institute is designed to prepare educators to successfully implement co-teaching in their classrooms. Topics will include a review of the co-teaching research, benefits and challenges of the model, and the processes of co-planning, co-instruction, and co-reflection.

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EDUC 588 - Reading and Writing Institute (CRN 3262)

Location/Dates: McNairy Library, Rm. 104 • 7/25/16 – 7/29/16
Professor: Dr. Jennifer Shettel

This week-long institute will focus on current literacy topics important for K-12 educators. Examples of possible topics include: digital tools for reading and writing, visual literacy, and utilizing a variety of text types in the classroom.

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ITEC 586 - Design-Based Education Institute (CRN 3232)

Location/Dates: Osburn Hall, Rm. 208 • 7/11/16 – 7/15/16
Professor: Dr. Scott Warner

This institute will provide you with a unique opportunity to learn directly from recognized experts on design-based curriculum Directed by Dr. Scott Warner of Millersville University, who is himself an expert on creativity and technological design, this institute will also have several other nationally and international known speakers. Participants will learn how to help their students become active participants in the educational process. Through the hands-on, minds-on experiences in this institute, teachers from all grade levels and content areas will learn how to use design-based education to address the Pennsylvania and Common Core State Standards.

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EDUC 687 - ESL Institute (CRN 3175)

Location/Dates: Stayer Hall, Multipurpose Room • 7/11/16 – 7/15/16
Professor: Kathy Houck

The English as a Second Language Institute uniquely provides administrators, classroom teachers, and ESL teachers with a critical understanding of how schools can take proactive steps at bridging the achievement gap as it relates to linguistically and culturally diverse learners. 

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EDUC 586 - Poetry in the Classroom Institute (CRN 3261)

Location/Dates: Stayer Hall, Multipurpose Room • 7/18/16 – 7/22/16
Professor: Dr. Lesley Colabucci

This institute invites teachers to consider the potential of poetry in their classrooms and within the Common Core. Poetry offers unique opportunities to develop skills such as fluency and vocabulary while creating connections across content areas. The institute will be hands-on in nature as we examine the newest and best poetry across age ranges. Children’s poets and a variety of experts on poetry will share their work.

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EDFN 587 - Technologies for Online and Blended Teaching Institute (CRN 3903)

Location/Dates: Dixon Center, Harrisburg, Pa. • 6/20/16 – 6/24/16
Professor: Dr. Oliver Dreon

Technology offers exciting new opportunities to change how and when students learn. In this institute, we explore new technologies to support online, blended and flipped instruction and examine how the classroom environment can expand and adapt to meet the needs of today’s learners.

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Summer Workshops for Educators

EDW 764 - Childhood Obesity Prevention (CRN 4122)

Location/Dates: Online • 6/13/16 – 6/24/16

This workshop will provide participants with an understanding of the health and wellness issues related to childhood obesity and the strategies necessary to address this national epidemic. Using a system developed by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), participants will learn how to implement the Coordinated School Health Model.

The model works by facilitating understanding and cooperation among interested persons to develop and/or improve school policies and procedures in areas such as food services, nutrition curriculum, physical education, and after-school programs. Moreover, the model supports school health programs in school districts and communities through the promotion of parent, citizen, and professional involvement.

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EDW 558 - Technology of Making Things (CRN 3795)

Location/Dates: Main Campus • 6/27/16 – 7/01/16

Workshop activities include design and construction of teacher-made learning stations and classroom materials. The workshop is designed to use technology as a vehicle to teach traditional subject matter, such as mathematics, science, social science, English, and other academic areas. Participants will be exposed to the history of technology and to technological principles. Recommended for K-12 educators.

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EDW 575 - Adolescent Substance Abuse (CRN 3528)

Location/Dates: Online • 6/27/16 – 7/08/16

This course is designed for individuals who want to learn more about the evidence-based prevention approaches for addressing substance abuse among children and adolescents, as well as strategies for creating a school environment that emphasizes positive activities and responsibility among students, teachers, administrators and encourages parent-family involvement. Whether young people use alcohol and other drugs in an effort to self-medicate for depression and/or anxiety, or they use because of the curiosity a peer might say about how a drug makes them feel; repeated substance use causes changes to the developing brain.

The purpose of this course is to investigate current research on adolescent substance abuse and to better understand it as a treatable brain disease. Participants will learn strategies to prevent and make referral for this growing epidemic. A young person may recover quickly from a single or occasional use of a drug, but repeated use often results in brain changes that are long lasting, especially when considering that judgment and comprehension areas in the brain do not fully develop completely until the early 20s.

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EDW 647 - Internet for Educators (CRN 3226)

Location/Dates: Online • 7/11/16 – 7/15/16

Educators will use the Internet to access, retrieve, and download information from around the globe. They will design performance-based learning activities to meet their curriculum needs at their educational level. Participants will learn to develop and manage an Internet environment. Recommended for K-12 educators.

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EDW 648 - PA Standards-Aligned Learn Center PK-12 (CRN 3190)

Location/Dates: Main Campus • 7/11/16 – 7/15/16

This workshop provides teachers with the knowledge base and skills to plan and produce learning activities that support Pennsylvania’s Standards Aligned System (SAS), differentiate for levels of learning, are self-sustaining and use self-assessment techniques. Teachers will learn to implement strategies for integrating SAS in thematic and teaming environments. Participants will work extensively with Pennsylvania’s SAS to develop learning activities that promote student achievement.

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EDW 727 - Differentiating Instruction (CRN 3072)

Location/Dates: Main Campus • 7/11/16 – 8/12/16

The purpose of this course is to help teachers address the needs of diverse learners in the regular classroom setting. Teachers will learn characteristics of students with mild disabilities or learning difficulties. Participants also will learn to plan instruction on various levels, adapt content, implement elements of effective instruction, and monitor student progress to facilitate academic gains for children with mild disabilities or learning difficulties in the general education setting. Recommended for K-12 educators.

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EDW 560 - Visual Materials (CRN 3233)

Location/Dates: Main Campus • 8/01/16 – 8/05/16

A workshop designed to provide teachers, K-12, with a basic background in the production of visual materials. Participants will develop learning activities and Learning Center based on their classroom needs. Special emphasis on modern use of photography. This is project-oriented workshop. Recommended for K-12 educators.

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