2014 Program Session Information

Session 1 (10:15 - 10:45 am)

Catepillars, Kangaroos, Cats, and Cuttlefish: Animal Behavior is Great!

Jean Boal, Ph.D.
Professor of
Biology, Millersville University

Environmental Protectors: A Day in the Life

Courtney Blontz and Jillian Gallagher
Air Quality Specialists, PA Department of Environmental Protection

Physics: The Analysis of the Nature

Xin Li, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Physics, Millersville University

Nuclear Does Not Have to be a Scary Word!

Paula Mancini, Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Lancaster General College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Beyond Facebook: Why You Should Help Decide What's Next in Computer Science

Stephanie Schwartz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Computer Science, Millersville University

Session 2 (10:55 - 11:25 am)

That Sounds Cool

Linde Clark
Transducer Engineer, Bose Corporation

DIVE IN! Choosing a Career in Biology

Dominique Didier, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology, Millersville University

You Belong in the Zoo! Careers in the Competitive Zoo Field and How to Get Them

 Marina Haynes
 Zoo Curator, Philadelphia Zoo

Experiments, Explanations, and Explosions

Theresa Holton and Amy Thompson
Chemistry Teachers, Hempfield High School

My Journey to Extractables and Leachables

Dr. Mai Jacques, Ph.D.
Senior Chemist, Eurofins Lancaster Labaroties Inc.


Session 3 (12:40 - 1:10 pm)

Hey, This Geophysics Stuff Really Works! How we can see Underground or Underwater Without Digging

Felicia Kegel Bechtel
President, Enviroscan Inc.

Crayons and Computers: Awesome Pictures of Mathematics

Annalisa Crannell, Ph.D.

Professor of Mathematics, Franklin & Marshall College

A Day in the Life of an Obstetrician Gynecologist

Jill Satorie, MD
OBGYN of Lancaster

Eat Well, Be Well

Jennifer Schaefer, Nutritionist
Lancaster General Health

Engineering for a Greener Planet with Energy Efficiency

Jeannie Sikora
Energy Engineer, CLEAResult

Session 4 (1:20 - 1:50 pm)

Respiratory Care- An Overview

Cheryl Garner, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Coordinator

Lancaster Regional Medical Center

You're a What?...Genetic Counselor

Rachelle Gehr, Rebecca Sullenberger, Erin Sutcliffe
Certified Genetic Counselors, Lancaster General Health

Call the Midwife - Reflections of a Present Day Baby Catcher       

Tonja Greene
OBGYN of Lancaster

Engineers are Women Too

Joan Greenslade
Chemical Engineer, Armstrong World Industries