Responsibilities of Advisee

  • The main responsibility of selecting courses and meeting degree requirements rests primarily with the advisee. The advisor can offer the student suggestions and recommendations and remind the student of various University policies and requirements, but the advisee has the ultimate responsibility for meeting program and degree requirements.
  • The advisee should meet with the advisor on a regular basis to discuss course selection and degree requirements. The advisee should obtain all general education and major curriculum record sheets and make sure these sheets are regularly updated with courses taken and in progress, The advisee should have updated curriculum record sheets or degree audit available when meeting with the advisor. Discuss course selection and degree requirements. The student is responsible for coming to these meetings prepared.
  • The advisee should keep his/her advisor informed of any important developments which directly affects his/her academic performance and goals.
  • The advisee should be familiar with the published academic policies and regulations of the University.
  • The advisee should discuss with his/her advisor any unsatisfactory academic performance and its implications as well as an appropriate plan of action to remedy the situation.