Congress to Campus

Coming Spring 2022!

Pasta, Policy, and Politics Event: Free pasta, salad, and dessert buffet. Meet and converse with two former members of the US Congress. Bring your questions! Bring a friend! A unique one-on-one opportunity to ask questions!

Thousands of students on college campuses throughout the country are getting a rare opportunity to interact with former Members of Congress through a program designed to attract young people to public service leadership. Concerns about the lack of civic literacy among America’s young people and declining participation in politics and voting even among college-educated young adults are being addressed by the Congress to Campus program, which brings students into contact with former Members who share their insights and experiences. Students are challenged to become involved in the legislative process and learn about the value of public service from men and women who have served in Congress.                                                                                                               

More details coming soon.


  • past guests have included


    Hon. Carlos Romero-Barcelo' (D-PR)
    Hon. Bill Goodling (R-PA)


    Hon. Ken Hechler (D-WV)
    Hon. Ron Sarasin (R-CT)


    Hon. Joan Kelly Horn (D-MO)
    Hon. Orval Hanson (R-ID)


    Hon. David Minge (D-MN)
    Hon. Peter Torkildsen (R-MA)


    Hon. Steven Kuykendall  (R-CA)
    Hon. Nancy Boyda (D-KS)


    Hon. Jack Buchner (R-MO)  
    Hon. John Hall (D-NY)


    Hon. Jim Coyne (R-PA)
    Hon. Martin Lancaster (D-NC)


    Hon. Dan Miller (R- FL)
    Hon. Mark Critz (D-PA)


    Hon. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA)
    Hon. Don Manzullo (R-IL)
    Major General William L. Enyart (D-IL)
    Peter Smith (R-MA)