Civic And Community Leaders Professional Development (Walker Fellows)

Civic and Community Leaders Professional Development

The application window is now OPEN to be a part of the Civic and Community Leader Professional Development 2022-2023 (also known as Walker Fellows). 

The Civic and Community Leaders Professional Development Program affords students an opportunity to develop and master skills that are essential for being civically engaged and active in the communities where they live, work, and study. This program provides the potential opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with Harrisburg and Washington, D.C. Students may engage in learning opportunities including career development and planning, leadership growth and development, community engagement, professional communication, and personal communication skills. The group will build an awareness of how public policy is shaped by national and global issues while working as both individuals and a team to further civic engagement.

Students will also have the opportunity to interact with individuals who shape the world we live in—lobbyists, members of think tanks, members of non-profit organizations, members of the media, as well as those who work in the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government.

In addition to these potential trips, participants must be willing to make a yearlong commitment to the Walker Fellowship and to Millersville's Civic and Community Engagement program. All participants will be expected to aid in the planning, advertising, and execution of a variety of Civic and Community events, including:

  • Congress to Campus 

  • Constitution Week

  • Voter Registration Drives

  • Policy Webinars on Current Issues

These events will offer students the opportunity to put the skills they learned into action in a variety of ways, and they will also be afforded the opportunity to continue to learn and grow as leaders throughout the year. Students will also get to create some sort of reflective piece on their experience with the Walker Center—a video, a podcast, a journal—and these pieces will be showcased and archived for future leaders.

For more information, please stop by Huntingdon House or send an email to the Walker Center.

Check out some pictures from the Walker Center Fellows past trips on our facebook page