Grant Funded Initiatives

The Office of Community Engagement, Governmental and Economic Development (CEGED) is currently providing workforce development through grants from BB&T Now Truist, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry, and the PASSHE Foundation.

PA Department of Labor & Industry

Digital Literacy and Workforce Development Grant

Millersville University is partnering with the Lancaster County Workforce Development Board, PA CareerLink® of Lancaster County and the Quarryville Library to provide computer and digital literacy training to unemployed and underemployed participants. This training is focused on providing the skills to assist participants in job seeking and job performance. We will accomplish this through a combination of in-person instruction and online course content, with an aim toward increasing comfort with and experience in online learning to create significant opportunities for lifelong learning and skill-building. Participants will receive a certificate of completion for each of three courses successfully completed, as well as a noncredit Digital Literacy Skills Certificate from Millersville University for successful completion of the entire program.

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BB&T Now Truist

2020 Economic Growth Fund

Millersville University is deploying the BB&T Now Truist funds to invest in a two-tiered educational program for future IT professionals. Diversifying the IT profession and increasing access to these careers among under-represented communities are major goals of this initiative.  The project will target students from low-income areas, particularly students of color. The project provides non-credit IT training resulting in an industry-recognized credential to unemployed and underemployed persons from the Lancaster area, building their skills for entry-level IT jobs. Additionally, Millersville University is using these funds to support up to 20 students majoring in Information Technology to build a strong pipeline of career-ready young professionals. Grant funds provide partial scholarships, paid internships, mentoring and wraparound services for these students.


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PASSHE Foundation


Millersville University is partering with the Lancaster County Workforce Development Board, PA CareerLink® of Lancaster County, Church World Service, and Literacy & Learning Success (a program of The Literacy Council of Lancaster-Lebanon) to provide access to entry level mental health careers and establish career pathways in the mental health sector for interested individuals. These organizations have a history of successfully serving immigrants and refugees in Lancaster County, have strong relationships with area employers, and have earned the trust of non-native English speakers in our community. Faculty members from the Millersville University School of Social Work who are also experienced clinicians will mentor participants during their learning process to ensure they develop the personal effectiveness, academic and workplace competencies outlined as Healthcare Industry-Wide Foundational Skills.

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