Marauder Athletics

Imagine Championships

Establish the MARAUDER CHAMPIONSHIP EXPERIENCE to surpass rival schools in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference.

With the increased scholarship allocations and updated facilities, Marauder Athletics will provide a championship experience for not only our students and prospective students, but our campus and community.

Millersville University seeks to establish the Marauder Championship Experience built on its strong, historic foundation, along with its recent successes on the national stage. With the 450 student-athletes on our 19 intercollegiate teams serving as a source of pride for our campus and community, the Marauder Championship Experience will allow the University to ensure that these students are equipped to excel athletically and academically. It will also provide for continued opportunities for our student-athletes to give back to the community that supports them. 

As a State System institution, all scholarships allocated to our students must be raised through private sources. Millersville Athletics awarded over $1,200,000 in athletic scholarships in 2020-21. In order to establish the Marauder Championship Experience and to attract top student-athletes, Millersville Athletics has set a goal to increase awarding scholarships to $1,500,000 – becoming a top scholarship-awarding institution in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference.

In order to keep pace with the athletic departments within our conference, the University must provide its student-athletes with top-notch facilities and equipment. To accomplish this, resources are needed for renovations to the University’s athletic facilities.

“From a young age, I have taken pride in the work that I do in and out of the classroom. Receiving these scholarships helps to motivate me even more so to produce the best quality work that I can complete, and thus, allow me to have the best chance to succeed academically.”

- Benjamin Fellman | 2021