Student Learning Experiences

Imagine Hands-on Learning

Encourage greater participation in quality STUDENT LEARNING EXPERIENCES to further academic engagement and practical understanding of classroom study. 

At Millersville, there are many opportunities for Student Learning Experiences including Internships, Undergraduate Research, Global Education and Living-Learning Communities. Each of these areas of focus ensure that students contribute positively to contemporary and future workplaces and communities.  

Proven outcomes for Student Learning Experiences include greater connectivity to the University, higher academic achievement, advanced analytical and writing skills and greater preparedness for employment and global citizenship. Additionally, studies have confirmed that these high-impact practices boost overall retention and graduation rates of lower-income and first-generation students.

Increased private funding for these hands-on learning opportunities will ensure that Millersville students participate in research activities, gain first-hand work experiences and explore the world.

A perfect illustration of Undergraduate Research is Made in Millersville. This annual showcase highlights the scholarly and creative work of more than 400 Millersville students. The event welcomes participation from students of all levels and disciplines to share their accomplishments in the form of presentations, panel discussions, poster sessions, visual displays, live performances and experiments.

“I study Spanish education at Millersville University; therefore, during my study abroad experience, it was vital for me to focus on being immersed in the language and practice through real life experiences. I studied Spanish literature, morphology, pragmatics, and history of the language. There was no better way to improve my Spanish skills than to live surrounded by the language and culture.”

- Emily Bland | 2020