Department of Philosophy

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

The MU Department of Philosophy offers a major in philosophy, leading to a B.A. in philosophy, a minor in Philosophy, plus a minor in Ethics and Society, and a certificate in Ethics and Society.

Our four programs are designed to acquaint and familiarize students with a pluralistic range of ideas, problems, and thinkers. Completion of any one of our unique programs provides students with experiences, skills, and resources that become pathways to competitive law school admissions, graduate schools, and other areas of study and practice after college. 

Philosophy Department

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Philosophy is the ideal major and/or minor complement to any career track or program of study.

Philosophical study presents an occasion to develop critical life skills that prepare students for a wide horizon of career choices and professional opportunities as they learn to address and think through a complex world of both longstanding and emergent issues.

Recent course offerings include Dr. Chuck Ward’s “Knowledge, Reality and Science Fiction,” Dr. Kaiser Ortiz’s “Global Ethics & Social Justice,” and Dr. Jen Miller’s “Gender, Utopia, and Human Nature.”

Philosophy courses are open to all students.

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