Degree: B.A.

Through the study of literature and language, one of the major aims of Millersville University's English program is to assist students in communicating effectively and logically in any choice of profession.

Why Study This Program?

A degree in English can provide the building blocks for success in a wide variety of careers. By studying diverse perspectives, cultures and academic disciplines, students are encouraged to become a culturally aware, technologically astute and life-long learners.

The English professors at Millersville University regularly publish books and articles, present their research at professional conferences, and engage students and colleagues in research, publishing and presentations.

Students can focus within the English major through concentrations in comparative literature, English as a second language, film studies, writing studies, journalism and linguistics.

“As the Manager of the Midtown Scholar Bookstore, I curate literary programs with nationally touring authors and select new books that resonate with the regional communities of Central Pennsylvania. My degree from Millersville University helped me develop a passion for books, literacy and the necessity of reading to an ever-accelerated culture. Dr. Jill Craven instilled in me a confidence to think critically and advocate for literature as a vital catalyst for inspiration, change and influence in society.”

- Alex Brubaker | 2014

What Will You Learn?

Core curriculum courses include the study and analysis of American, western and world literature. You will gain experience with literary theories and study the development of languages. Additional English electives are based on your chosen concentration or minor. In addition to concentrations, English majors can further focus their study through minors in film, journalism and linguistics.