Film Studies Minor

Degree: Minor

Dive deeply into your love of film by opting to minor in Film Studies at Millersville University.

Why Study This Program?

A minor in Film Studies will expand students' knowledge of films, give them an understanding of film history and culture, and help them discuss films using appropriate technical vocabulary. This minor is housed within the English department, and is available to both English majors and non-English majors. In addition to courses available within the English department, students are encouraged to take film courses offered in other disciplines like Philosophy and Anthropology. 

What Will You Learn?

Both English and non-English majors may take elective courses in Film Studies to fulfill their minor requirements. Film courses at Millersville include History of Film; Introduction to Film; Film and American Society; Film, Politics and Electronic Media; Ethnicity in Cinema; and Brave New Worlds: Exploring Technology through Film.

In addition to Film Studies, English majors can opt to minor in American literature, British literature, journalism, linguistics or writing studies.