Degree: B.A.

Millersville University's German program leads students through an in-depth study of the language, literature and history of diverse countries, regions and ethnic groups.

Why Study This Program?

As you improve your familiarity with the German language and culture at Millersville University, you will also begin to understand the world better, identify commonalities and respect cultural differences. During your study in the Language and Culture Studies department, you will develop a mastery of the German language, practice multicultural communication and acquire an awareness of the historical backgrounds of diverse countries, regions and ethnic groups. 

You can pursue a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Language and Culture Studies with an option in Language Studies, Culture Studies, or Teacher Education, specializing in German through the Language and Culture Studies department.

What Will You Learn?

No matter if you choose the Language Studies option, Culture Studies option, or Teacher Education option, you will study language, literature, linguistics and history through the lens of German. German education students additionally study within Millersville University's renowned education department to receive certification in secondary education. 

The Language and Culture Studies department requires students in the Language Studies option to diversify their knowledge by studying a second or third language. The department also encourages its students to study abroad for a summer, a semester or an academic year in a country where their language is spoken. MU has partner universities in France, Germany, Spain and Chile, but students can also participate in other programs.