Integrated Studies

Degree: Certificate of Completion

Millersville University's Integrated Studies program is a four-year post secondary initiative for young adults with an intellectual disability who are interested in pursuing academic, vocational and social goals through a residential university experience.

Why Study This Program?

Integrated Studies, formerly known as Career & Life Studies, is a four-year post secondary initiative for young adults with an intellectual disability who are interested in participating in an academic, vocational and social university experience.

Integrated Studies is the first residence hall based residential program in the state of Pennsylvania. Each student receives person-centered planning through the creation of a PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope) to identify their vocational goal and establish an individual plan for employment. Students receive support from trained personnel including coaches, mentors, faculty and staff. Integrated Studies students become fully immersed in the Millersville campus community as an integral part of residential life. Our goal is to create inclusive communities where students feel connected, are involved in the University community and are academically, residentially and vocationally successful.

What Will You Learn?

Integrated Studies at Millersville University is based on a multidisciplinary studies approach that builds upon the University's existing strengths in the liberal arts. An individual plan for college participation, on the vocational, academic and residential level, is developed for each student for each semester they are enrolled in Integrated Studies. Students follow the regular fall and spring semester calendar and are assessed based on their individual plans for college participation.

Integrated Studies embraces the principles of access and equity to all opportunities in society by promoting the advancement of academic knowledge, social skills and career options for individuals with intellectual disabilities. This four-year program allows students to access learning opportunities in three main areas: academic participation, career exploration and employment, and social membership. Foundational experiences in each of these areas enhance the acquisition of specific independent living skills in preparation for graduation from college and success in a work-focused environment. Integrated Studies will offer a variety of higher education experiences individualized to particular student desire and need.