Nuclear Medicine Technology

Degree: B.S.

Prepare to become a nuclear medicine technologist (NMT) through the 3 + 1 program at Millersville University.

Why Study This Program?

The Nuclear Medicine Technology option within Millersville University's Allied Health major prepares students to become nuclear medicine technologists (NMTs), healthcare professionals who are trained to safely prepare and administer small doses of radioactive compounds (radiopharmaceuticals) to patients to help detect diseases, injuries or abnormalities. The NMT uses sophisticated radiation-detecting diagnostic equipment to create images of virtually every organ in the body, study body functions (stress test), analyze biological specimens and treat disease (certain cancers).

This program combines classroom-based study with clinical training. Students complete three years of study at Millersville, and then apply to an accredited hospital-based program for one year of clinical training. Upon completion, students are prepared to take a national examination which, if passed, grants board certification in nuclear medicine technology. 

What Will You Learn?

The 3 + 1 program gives students the benefit of learning in the classroom and in the hospital. At Millersville, courses focus on general education, math and science requirements. The clinical programs provide classroom, laboratory and patient experiences under the supervision of medical instructors. For MU students interning at local hospitals, University housing is available.