Science Writing

Degree: B.A.

Millersville University's Science Writing program transforms environmentally conscious students into influential writers who effectively communicate scientific findings to the public.

Why Study This Program?

Learn how to combine scientific knowledge and persuasive writing to protect the environment through Millersville University's Science Writing program. Scientists play a large role in issues such as climate change, energy, weather, invasive species and medical controversies, but equally important are the writers who communicate science to the public. This program will help you turn research findings into action, shape public policy, raise awareness of pressing social issues and alert the public of unseen risks. 

Passionate professors will challenge you to translate scientific findings to the general public. In addition, you must also attempt to put scientific discoveries and controversies into historical, personal, political, economic and social contexts.  

Science Writing is a concentration within the Multidisciplinary Studies program, and graduates receive a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). Students can also choose to minor in Science Writing. 

What Will You Learn?

The multidisciplinary Science Writing program is grounded in the complexities of effective communication and thorough scientific understanding.

You will split your studies between Foundations in Writing and Foundations in Science, which are the major's two core programs. Foundations in Writing classes refine writing skills for various public audiences through the study of journalism. Foundations in Science classes explore biology, physics, chemistry and earth sciences.

Your study will conclude with individualized real-world experiences through research, internships or practicums to prepare you specifically for relevant careers in our modern world.