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New Degree Launched: Automation & Intelligent Robotics Engineering Technology

The Board of Governors approved the Millersville University bachelor of science in automation and intelligent robotics engineering technology (AIRET) degree program on Oct. 8, 2015.  The study of robotics involves the design, modeling, optimization, documentation and automation of advanced control problems. The curriculum of the new robotics program includes in-depth technical content of electronics, control systems, mechanical systems and computer programming and applications to prepare professionals equipped to design, improve, maintain and manage robotic and automated process and control systems.

Combining coursework from the applied engineering, safety and technology and computer science departments, the robotics engineering technology program is designed to produce graduates with the ability to work with multiple types of technology to design and implement projects that have advanced programming needs. “This new Automation & Intelligent Robotics Engineering Technology Bachelor of Science degree will help companies in the region and beyond remain competitive in today’s global market,” said Dr. John Wright, AIRET program coordinator.

Program Information

Millersville Offers STEM Endorsement

The Pennsylvania Department of Education approved Millersville University’s application for the undergraduate integrative STEM education (iSTEM) endorsement for early childhood education majors. This is the first undergraduate iSTEM education endorsement program in Pennsylvania. AEST faculty members collaborated with faculty in elementary, middle & exceptional education (EMEE) to apply for this new endorsement. Early childhood education majors can take four courses – some which will be taught by AEST faculty – and apply for the iSTEM endorsement on their teaching certificate. The courses include ERCH 190 Introduction to Integrative STEM Education Pedagogy, EDTE/ERCH 290 Children’s Engineering, EDTE 490 Integrative Learning Using Experiential Strategies, and EDTE/ERCH 495 Integrative STEM Education Practicum. Courses begin Summer 1 2015. For more information, contact Sharon Brusic at or 717-871-5548.

You can read more about it at Lancaster Online.

Take me out to the ballgame!

The students in the new Master of Technology & Innovation degree took some time out of their studies to take in a Lancaster Barnstormers game. Dr. Scott Warner hosted the event for seven current students, several potential students, friends of the program, and the graduate faculty. It seems like we have a new tradition in the department!

Read more about it and see some pictures on our Facebook feed:

Technical Entrepreneurship Class on the News

Dr. Barry David's Technical Entrepreneurship class is getting a lot of attention in the area because they are using 3-D printing to manufacture products. Check out what the students are doing in the news report below. For more information on 3_D printing in the Department of Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology (or to get your own pair of LUXARMOUR glasses), please contact Dr. Barry David.

Students Create 3-D Company

Student Modeling 3-D GlassesDr. Barry David's Technical Entrepreneurship class usually creates quality products that are sold to the public at the end of the semester. In fact, the goal of this course is to examine enterpreneurship and the issues associated with developing a product and taking it to market by forming a student owned and run company each semester it's offered. This semester, the students took it up a notch!

NexTrack Printing came to life, and the product the students desgned are sunglasses. The "Blues Brothers-esque" shades look pretty ordinary until you consider how they were made: these shades were actually printed! The student company is in the process of organizing a production run, and hope to have their sunglasses available to the public by the end of the semester. Read more about this endeavor in the Millersville Exchange by clicking here.

AEST Homepage Archive Added

A new feature has been added to the Applied Engineering, Safety and Technology Web site starting this semester. Homepage stories will be archived on a Story Archive page. Up until Fall 2014, homepage stories would be replaced and lost to the ages. A "Quick Link" has been added to the navigation bar so you can come back and look up past events. If you would like to view ou archive now, please use this link.

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2015 Inductees
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Benjamin D. Gochenaur
Jason L. Hess
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AEST Graduates are...

With an AEST degree, you could have an exciting career as a...

  • STEM Educator
  • Control System Specialist
  • Industrial Trainer
  • Product Designer
  • CADD Draftsman/Estimator
  • Senior Quality Analyst
  • Product Design Engineer
  • CNC Programmer
  • Validation Specialist
  • Graphic Layout Designer
  • Account Representative
  • Industrial Control Designer
  • Technology & Engineering Teacher
  • Graphic Services Coordinator
  • Safety Inspector
  • Fire Safety Coordinator
  • Corporate Safety Officer
  • Innovations Manager
  • Process Flow Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Industrial Hygienist

...and much, much more!


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