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Epsilon Pi Tau Inducts 22 New Members

The Beta Phi chapter of Epsilon Pi Tau inducted twenty-two new members on Friday, October 24, 2014. The auspicious occasion was attended by well over 100 people including three department faculty members Dr. Len Litowitz, Dr. Ken Delucca, and Dr. Tom Bell. Eighteen undergraduate students were inducted as well as four recently hired faculty members.

Membership in Epsilon Pi Tau Honorary is highly selective. Students must meet rigorous academic standards, display leadership achievements or potential, and be recommended by current Epsilon Pi Tau members. Please view the full list of this semester's honorees in the right-hand column of this page.

EPT Inductees
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TEECA Honored For Continued Support

The Technology and Engineering Education Collegiate Association (MU-TEECA) was recently invited to the Lancaster Science Factory to hold their regular meeting, and to see what the facility is all about. MU-TEECA was also honored with the “Dedication to Public Education” award for their years of support and service to the interactive museum. Lancaster Science Factory provided dinner for the students and presented the association’s co-advisors with a plaque to recognize the students’ efforts.

MU-TEECA and its advisors have designed and constructed many interactive exhibits and experiments for the museum. One of the exhibits called “Can you lift 100 pounds” has three stations where museum goers can pull ropes to lift 100 pound weights. The children learn that through using pulleys in various ways, large amounts of weight can be lifted with ever decreasing effort. Other exhibits include a KNEX racetrack, experimenting with levers, a life-sized Newton’s cradle that uses volleyballs instead of marbles, experiments with different kinds of lighting, and a ball room for the younger kids.

TEECA Recognition
Ms. Emily Landis, Director of Lancaster Science Factory is flanked by MU-TEECA Co-advisors Dr. Len Litowitz and Dr. Sharon Brusic.

Dr. Atwater Awarded NSF Grant

Dr. Mark Atwater

The National Science Foundation has awarded Dr. Mark Atwater, Applied Engineering, Safety and Technology, with more than $290,000 to study how carbon is deposited from gas. The three-year grant was awarded on August 1, 2014.

Students from Millersville’s Applied Engineering and Chemistry departments will assist in Dr. Atwater’s research. This project will provide an opportunity for independent study and honors thesis work.

“I hope to employ at least three undergraduate students during the grant and serve as a mentor for other students who wish to complete independent study or honors thesis work,” said Dr. Atwater.

The project, “Multi-Scale Analysis of Catalytically Grown Carbon Nanofibers and Bulk Components,” will allow Dr. Atwater to study the way carbon nanofibers, strands of carbon about 1/1000th the diameter of a human hair, form.

“We are growing these fibers in molds to form three-dimensional components which are entirely fibrous, robust and flexible,” said Atwater.

The ability to directly produce a custom, carbon nanofiber product may allow new advances in composites, hydrogen storage, and air and water filtration.

“The smaller these fibers are, the greater their specific strength gets,” Dr. Atwater explained about composites. For filtration, the small fibers can fit together with smaller gaps to restrict fine particles from passing. “The material can be used in normal filtration applications, like a Brita filter, that uses activated carbon.”

AEST Homepage Achive Added

A new feature has been added to the Applied Engineering, Safety and Technology Web site starting this semester. Homepage stories will be archived on a Story Archive page. Up until Fall 2014, homepage stories would be replaced and lost to the ages. A "Quick Link" has been added to the navigation bar so you can come back and look up past events. If you would like to view ou archive now, please use this link.

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2014 EPT Inductees

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2014 Inductees
Sarah E. Bomberger
Russell F. Carey
Cody G. Dye
Derek J. Hakes
Ebrahim Karan *
Mehdi Khalighi *
Thomas L. Luckenbaugh
Louise R. Manfredi *
Ashleigh B. Morgan
Russell J. Morrissey
Erin L. Nuss
Jack O. Ogutu *
Matthew T. Petrushka
Connor P. Ronan
Erica L. Roth
Gregory P. Schneider
Robert A. Schumacher
Korbin L. Shearer
Walter J. Simko
Paul J. Thom
Amber R. Updike
Kyle V. Wolfe
* Faculty inductee

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