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Applied Engineering and Technology Management Programs

Applied Engineering and Technology Management Programs

Overview of the AETM & AET Programs

Employers are looking for well educated and highly qualified technical employees to meet the needs of a modern workforce. With the rapid pace of change, you need to prepare yourself to be competitive as technology and engineering-related careers evolve. The Department of Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology is the regional expert that will help transform you into a high-performance professional ready to meet the challenges of an exciting career.

We have seven technical options in our Applied Engineering and Technology Management program (4-year) an seven technical options in our Applied Engineering and Technology degree (2-year). These options are:

The four-year bachelor's program and the two-year associate's progam will prepare you in the following two critical areas of general education and technical preparation:

The first area of preparation is in the University General Education Core. General education is a group of courses that have been developed to make you into a well-rounded individual. These courses address needs like communication, writing, human perspectives, and diversity. All Millersville students regardless of their major must complete the general education requirements.

The second area of preparation is your technical coursework. Your technical preparation happens in the Department of Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology. The required and elective courses that fill out your technical preparation will give you both the theoretical and hands-on experience you will need to go out into the professional world. These courses are meant to give you familiarity with the technologies you will encounter in your life after Millersville.

The third area of preparation is in management for those completing the four-year bachelor's degree options. The management core is intended to provide you with the skills and abilities that will be useful to you in your role in management after you complete your degree.

The difference between the bachelor's degree and the associate's degree is the management component. If you choose to pursue the associate's degree and later decide that you should continue on to complete the bachelor's degree, this is possible. The associate's degree works seamlessly into the bachelor's degree coursework.

The technical options have been developed by working closely with our Applied Engineering and Technology Advisory Committee. The members of this committee are local leaders who have experience that tells them what is needed by local and regional employers.

You can explore these options by clicking on the links above, or by selecting the options from the navigation bar on the left.

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