APS Requirements

If You Don't Yet Have APS Status

Banner will prevent you from registering for APS courses including Professional Block. Typically this will show up in Banner as "prereq test score error" when you try to register for professional block. If you are intending to achieve APS status either by completing requirements or appealing your status and you would like to take professional block courses in the next semester, you must register for the wait list for professional block courses during registration time. If you are planning to appeal APS status, you should contact Dr. Richard Frerichs in the Field Services Office at 717-871-5752. Registering for the wait list in no way guarantees APS status, but will give you priority to be admitted into professional block courses after APS status has been achieved.


Before registering for Professional Block or Student Teaching, you must be eligible for admission to Advanced Professional Studies. The following requirements will be checked:

  • Completion of 60 semester hours of credit
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average as follows:
    • 3.0 GPA beginning with Fall 2003
  • Qualifying scores on the Praxis I PPST tests (Reading, Math, Writing) - Praxis Exam info: Stayer 163
  • Recommendation for admission by Foundations Block faculty member
  • Satisfactory completion of ENGL 110 and COMM 100
  • One college-level (3 credits) English Literature course
  • Two college-level (6 credits) Mathematics courses:
    • Students with a score of 560 or above on the SAT II Math level 1C assessment may request a 3-credit equivalent from the Associate Dean of Education
    • Biology majors may count BIOL 375: Biometry as a 3 cr. Math course
    • Transfer students who have taken a course, that has a significant statistics component, may request a waiver from the Associate Dean of Education.
  • Clearances on file – photocopies of satisfactory ACT 34 (Criminal Record check) and ACT 151 (Child Abuse History clearance) reports & a completed background information sheet and fingerprinting on file with the Field Services Office (871-5752) – Stayer 168. You are also required to complete an FBI fingerprinting http://www.pa.cogentid.com

You will not be able to register for professional block or student teaching if these requirements are not met. Please check your DARS report if you are unsure if you have met the requirements.