Integrated Studies

Beyond Inclusion

Welcome to Integrated Studies. We are a 2 or 4 year inclusive post-secondary initiative for young adults with an intellectual disability. Our campus community of faculty, staff, coaches, and mentors supports each student as they develop a person-centered plan to guide their journey at Millersville University. Students enrolled in Integrated Studies become fully immersed in the Millersville campus through engaging in academics, career exploration, and building relationships. We strive to create inclusive communities where students feel connected, challenged, and supported while participating in a high quality inclusive post-secondary college experience. 

Students are enrolled as full-time non-degree seeking students. To keep the non-degree designation, students may, with Advisor permission, earn 12 or less credits. Taking courses for credit will result in an earned GPA with Millersville. An earned GPA is considered when applying as a degree-seeking student. An earned GPA may impact eligibility for financial aid. We strongly encourage students and families familiarize themselves with the Satisfactory Academic Policy. Please refer to Millersville's Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy. Credits earned while enrolled as a non-degree student become a part of your academic record and can be applied towards a degree program in the future. Students in the program have access to institutional facilities, consistent with other students, which support the achievement of their goals.

Students also pay the tuition and fees for Millersville including room and board as well as an Educational Support Fee

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The purpose of Integrated Studies is to provide access and support in an inclusive postsecondary education program for students with intellectual disability at Millersville University. Integrated Studies enables, establishes, enhances, redefines, maintains and/or defends valued social roles within the context of a liberal arts university. This is accomplished as much as possible, through culturally valued means. Integrated Studies' processes, procedures, and administrative functions are embedded in existing university services.