Information for Prospective Integrated Studies Students

Thank you for your interest in Integrated Studies at Millersville University. Integrated Studies provides a fully inclusive postsecondary college experience for students 18-26 years old with an intellectual disability. The two or four year curriculum immerses each student in undergraduate courses, internships, service learning, student employment, student housing and a vibrant campus life of organizations and events. Students are enrolled as full-time non-degree seeking students. To keep the non-degree designation, students may, with Advisor permission, earn 12 or less credits. Taking courses for credit will result in an earned GPA with Millersville. An earned GPA is considered when applying as a degree-seeking student. An earned GPA may impact eligibility for financial aid. We strongly encourage students and families to familiarize themselves with the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy. Credits earned while enrolled as a non-degree student become a part of your academic record and can be applied towards a dgree program in the future. 

 Finding the college for you is an exciting journey so let's get started:

Eligibility Criteria

Prospective student applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered for POST-SECONDARY admission:

  • Have a documented diagnosis of an intellectual and developmental disability as defined by the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.
  • Holds a GED, Diploma or Certificate of Completion.
  • Be at least 18 years old before August 31st of the academic year.
  • Be able to live in student housing with limited support.
  • Have basic safety skills in unsupervised settings.
  • Have support from family and a personal desire to gain necessary skills for self‐determination, independent living and employment
  • Independently navigate the campus of Millersville University.

Application Process

  • Application Deadline for Fall: February 20th
  • If receiving services from another human services agency, please attach the Authorization to Receive Health Information to give consent for Millersville University to contact them for purposes of coordinating services and fill out the Health Evaluation Forms.
  • All completed applications received by February 20th will be considered priority. 
  • Applications are filed in the order in which they are received, and reviewed by the Admissions Review Panel throughout the year on a rolling basis for Fall enrollment. *Applying too close to the final deadline is strongly discouraged.
  • Personal interviews are conducted by the Admissions Review Panel with the prospective student and his/her parents or legal guardian.
  • Acceptance notification for all applications: April 15th
  • If accepted, the student begins Fall registration/enrollment process with Millersville University in collaboration with Integrated Studies throughout the summer and university summer orientation sessions.


  • All students majoring in Integrated Studies pay a program fee each semester that funds program administration and educational support services. One benefit of the program fee is access to up to 195 hours per semester of educational support services (coaching). The fee is not adjusted if less than 195 hours each semester are used. Additional hours are charged at an hourly rate. Educational Support Fee hours do not carry over from semester to semester.