All students enrolled in Integrated Studies receive support from staff, educational support coaches, and the natural support within the campus community. The goal is to fade the use of paid support as students begin to integrate into the campus community and utilize the natural supports available to all Millersville University students.

Educational Support Coaches

Coaches are Millersville student workers who provide support in academics, independent living skills, building relationships, and career exploration. Coaches encourage participation, inclusion, and independence. Students have access to up to 195 hours of coaching support per semester.

Examples of supports coaches may provide:

  • Attend class with a student
  • Support a student in participating in a club or organization
  • Assist a student with understanding their assignments
  • Teach a student how to utilize the MU Express bus
  • Educate a student on how to access campus resources such as faculty office hours, tutoring, and the Career Center

Coaches and students sit in a circle with coffee and bagels.

Integrated Studies Staff

Integrated Studies staff work closely with students to support them in building their problem solving, executive functioning, self-advocacy, and self-determination skills. This is done through person-centered planning and weekly meetings.

Meet our Staff

University Resources

Integrated Studies is fully embedded within Millersville. This means that students enrolled in Integrated Studies have access to the same university resources as their peers. See below for information on other university departments.