Post-Baccalaureate Certification

Post-Baccalaureate Certification

Students who already have Bachelor’s degrees and are seeking initial teaching certification in Science, Citizenship, English, Mathematics, or a Foreign Language will work closely with the Educational Foundations department. In terms of coursework, you will be required to complete any certification subject area coursework that was not part part of your undergraduate degree plus:

  • A Foundations Block of two education courses (Requires clearances; includes field experience)
  • Professional Block courses (Requires APS status; includes field experience)
  • A one semester student teaching experience

More information about required education coursework

Certification while Working

Of course, that depends on your job, but there are several requirements of the program that may conflict with day time work that you should you know about before starting the program.

  1. Foundations courses - EDFN 545 Advanced Psychology and EDFN 590 Social Foundations. These courses are offered at night, however, you will need to complete a 16 hours of field experience in schools that can only be done during regular public school hours for each of these courses. Alternatively you may take EDFN 211 & 241 offered only during the mornings.
  2. Professional Bloc courses (EDSE 321 Issues, EDFN 330, Sped 346, EDSE 340, and a methods course) are not offered in the summer. These courses also require a field experience of approximately 150 hours that must be arranged during regular public school hours. Because professional bloc includes 5 courses plus an extensive field experience it will likely conflict with full-time work especially work during weekdays.
  3. If you need to complete major requirements in the subject area of your certification, you should check with that department to find out if classes will be offered at night or in the summer.
  4. You will need to take your final semester off work in order to complete student teaching. There is a program for student teaching in your own classroom, but this is an exception to regular student teaching with many additional requirements. Admission to the certification program does not guarantee approval to student teach in your own classroom.