Financial Resources

Financial Resources

Financial Aid

Financial aid and loan refunds are distributed after the drop/add period is finished, usually around the second week of classes. Financial aid is not available for use in the bookstore – students needing a short-term loan until refunds are provided should contact the Financial Aid office. Millersville University offers a limited number of scholarships for incoming transfer students. These scholarships are for students transferring in 30+ credits with a minimum of 3.7 GPA. Notification of awards to eligible students are sent in late spring (there is no separate application needed for this scholarship). PASSHE and other organizations also offer some scholarships for which transfer students may qualify:

Financial aid is available for fall and spring classes. Additionally, it is offered for summer but please note that students who take summer classes may see their spring aid reduced. The award year runs from summer through spring semesters and while students may use aid in the summer it is not calculated into the equation – federal aid is only calculated for fall and spring. Therefore, any aid distribution for the summer is pulling from the spring semester's allotment. Students looking for summer aid must fill out a special financial aid application form. Winter classes may not use financial aid (students need to be prepared to pay out of pocket). If you are a part-time student (less than 12 credits during the spring semester following the winter session you enrolled) there may be aid available to you retroactively. Contact the Office of Financial Aid for specific information regarding this.

Financial aid awards are based on the previous year’s tax statements from you and your family. If a circumstance has changed since that time (i.e. loss of job) the Financial Aid office can re-evaluate your application. Please contact them with the details.

Your financial aid award is based on full-time enrollment. While students are fully able to receive aid for part-time enrollment, this will affect your award. The Office of Financial Aid requests that you notify them by completing the online part-time award form. This will allow them to adjust your financial aid based on your reported enrollment status. Failure to provide this information may delay the disbursement of your financial aid.

Financial Aid:
FAFSA code: 003325

Office of Student Accounts/Billing

The Office of Student Accounts manages the billing on a University campus. Tuition payments and other fees should be paid through this office.

Office of Student Accounts / Billing Office:

Student Employment

Work study positions (part of your financial aid package) are posted on the Career Management webpage. It is the responsibility of the student to apply for posted jobs. Community service is also a part of the Federal Work Study program. Students can complete community services projects and be paid for them. Contact the Community Service Office at 717-871-2333 or refer to the Community Service website.

In addition, other on-campus jobs in other areas are available for students, regardless of work study eligibility for qualified students.