Retention Initiatives

Millersville University Retention Initiatives

If you are in academic jeopardy - on probation or warning... Our aim is to help you!

Guiding Principles

  • Awareness - of academic warning status for both student and advisor
  • Accountability - increased understanding of the potential liability for being on academic warning with possible financial aid progress issues
  • Responsibility - onus on the student to set appointments and address issues
  • Resources - identification and awareness of institutional resources: personal, academic, and social
  • Referral - student self-referral and/or adviser directed referral
  • Performance - increased confidence through advisor interest, direction and referral
  • Progress - movement toward "good academic standing"

Listed below are each of the Retention Initiatives with a brief description.

For more information, please contact us at our department main line at 717-871-5333.


This initiative is campus-wide and involves increasing advisement contact for students who are enrolled, transferring in (from another school), or re-entering MU on PROBATION. This initiative involves personal emails sent to all students involved as well as to their advisors. These students are urged to connect with their assisned advisor by a certain date to discuss the Student Inventory Profile (attached to the email). This inventory is meant to start a conversation between advisor and advisee about what issues the student might be facing preventing his/her academic success and a plan for improvement. Advisors report back to Joe Sciarretta the students that met with the advisor.


MU 180

All freshmen receiving letters for ACADEMIC WARNING, meaning those who had below a 2.0 GPA for their first semester. These freshmen are scheduled an MU 180 seminar, a 5-week jump start seminar course. These seminars are a proactive opportunity to provide support and increase engagement to improve academic performance and facilitate awareness of and referral to services within the larger university system.


This initiative works with students who have been ACADEMICALLY DISMISSED. It includes all students academically dismissed that receive successful appeals through Academic Standards or are re-entry students after an academic dismissal hiatus. Those recent dismissals who are granted appeals to return are scheduled for an MU Transitions 5-week jump start seminar course.